College Honors Retirees, Employees for Years of Service

Published: December 17, 2017

employeeserviceawardsJohnston Community College recently recognized its employees with 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years of total state service as of December 2015. The college also recognized one employee who retired in 2015.

Ellen Boyd and Patsy Thompson were recognized for 30 years of state service.

Twenty-five year employees are Dena Hatton and Ken Mitchell. Frank Casanova and Natalie Smith were recognized for 20 years of state service. Fifteen-year employees are April Dale, Harald Mury, Johnnie Howell, Crystal Netter, Gwendolyn Green, Angela Kearney, Paula Parrish, Betty Woodall, Terri Hill, Rachel Tice, and Tovoya Dobbin.

Employees with 10 years of service are Jennifer Horvath, Nancy Renfrow, Michael Rose, Sherrill Strickland, Christina Wall, Debra Ezzell, Barry Keith, John Lee, Dawn Dixon, Any Feaster, Perry Barbour, Charles Dawes, Jazmine Dozier-Ray, Patricia Killette, Abraham Flores, and Malikah Myrick Smith. Employees with five years of state service are Wanda Howell, Barbara Langston, Teresa Addison, Leigh Page, Ricky Raynor, Lisa Rich, Kyle Verbosh, Carl Aube, Stephanie Cooper, Carla Parnell, and Elizabeth Summerlin.

Linda Langston retired in 2015 with nine years of state service.

Cut line: Pictured from left are Dena Hatton with 25 years of state service; Patsy Thompson with 30 years of state service; Ellen Boyd with 30 years of state service; Ken Mitchell with 25 years of state service; and Natalie Smith, with 20 years of state service.

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