Licensed Professions by State

If you are planning on working in another state, it is important that you determine if the profession you plan to pursue there requires licensure. The list below provides licensed professions for each state. Each state varies as to the complete list of licensed professions. The information below is provided by each individual state government offices.

State, Province, or Territory State Listings of Licensed Professions Notes
Alabama Government Website Directory Use Agency Search link provided; Search profession type which links to the state board for that profession.
Alaska Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing Scroll down for links to "Professions Licensed"
Arizona Arizona State Legislature – Title 32 Professions and Occupations Universal Licensing Recognition (PDF) - for licensed practitioners
Arkansas Arkansas Directory of Licensed, Certified and Registered Occupations (PDF) PDF document that lists various occupations in alpha order.
California Department of Consumer Affairs Boards/Bureaus Links to Boards and Bureaus
Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies  Scroll down to “Division Information and Programs” to review the dropdowns for Healthcare Professions Programs and Occupational Professions and Business Programs
Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection – Boards and Commissions  
Delaware Division of Professional Regulation Scroll down to the list of professions
Florida Division of Library and Information Services – Professional Licensing  
Georgia Secretary of State – Professional Licensing Board Division Georgia Licensing Boards - List 
Guam No territory listing of professions found  
Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs – Professional & Vocational Licensing Scroll down to Boards and Programs Lists
Idaho Online Services Note dropdown “Professional License” and “Select Agency”
Illinois Professional Regulated by Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) Alpha dropdown list of professions
Indiana Indiana Professional Licensing Agency  
Iowa Other Professional Licensure Links related to professional licensure that are not related to health or medicine.
Kansas State Board of Technical Professions Click Professions tab at top of page for pull down menu that lists some technical professions that are licensed in Kansas under this agency.
Kentucky Department of Professional Licensing – Our Boards  
Louisiana Licenses  
Maine Professional & Financial Regulation – Professions & Occupations  
Maryland Department of Labor - Division of Occupational & Professional Licensing  
Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure Scroll down to “Our Organizations”
Michigan State License Research Enter profession name in the search field

Minnesota Health Licensing Boards 

Minnesota eLicensing – Licenses by Agency
Mississippi Mississippi Code – Title 73 Professions and Vocations  
Missouri Division of Professional Registration  
Montana Department of Labor & Industry  Click on Professional Licenses (center item) 
Nebraska Nebraska Library Commission -  Nebraska Certified & Licensed Occupations Bulleted list of items are hyperlinks to agencies
Nevada No State website listing of professions found Licensing Agency Chart shows licensing agency, relevant professions, and type of licenses required.
New Hampshire Office of Professional Licensure and Certification – Find a Board  
New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs – Professional and Occupational Boards and Committees  
New Mexico Regulation & Licensing Department – Boards and Commissions Scroll down to alpha listing of Individual Boards and Commissions
New York Office of the Professions New York State Licensed Professions
North Carolina Department of Commerce – Business and Occupational License Database You may wish to enter the name of the desired profession in the search bar as the alpha listing is very expansive.
North Dakota North Dakota Office of the Governor List of Boards  
Northern Mariana Islands No website listing of professions found  
Ohio Licenses & Permits You may wish to enter the name of the desired profession in the search bar as the alpha listing is very expansive. 

On January 2, 2023, the Ohio governor signed SB 131 for applicants holding an out-of-state license to obtain a license in Ohio for that occupation under certain circumstances.
Oklahoma Employment Security Commission – Oklahoma Licensed and Certified Occupations See more information on the license's requirements (PDF) is a 2018 pdf document
Oregon Agencies A to Z You may wish to enter the name of the desired profession in the search bar as the alpha listing is very expansive.
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Professional Licensing – Business and Health Related Boards  
Puerto Rico Departmento de Estado – Services  The website header dropdown indicates Examining Boards and Registration and Licensing Office, but the dropdown items are not hyperlinked.
Rhode Island

Professional Licensing Renewal

Department of Health
Scroll down the Licensee Information
South Carolina Division of Professional and Occupational Licensing Boards (POL)  
South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation – All South Dakota Occupational Licensing Agencies  
Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance – Regulatory Boards  
Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation – Programs Licensed and Regulated by TDLR  
US Virgin Islands Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs Note the “Board Certifications Directory” on the right-hand side of the webpage.
Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing   
Vermont Secretary of State – Office of Professional Regulations  
Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation – Professions and Occupations

Health Regulatory Boards
Washington State Department of Licensing – List of Licenses Note Search Bar
Washington, DC Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs 125 occupational and professional categories
West Virginia Secretary of State - Professional Boards (PDF) This is a pdf list
Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services Note Search Bar
Wyoming Administration and Information – Professional Licensing Boards Scroll down to “List of Boards Supported by A&I”.