Frequently Asked Questions

Does Media Services supply presentation equipment?

Media Services doesn't own presentation equipment for loan.

How do I get my laptop to display an image to the data projector?

For Dell laptops, press the F8 key. For IBM laptops, press the F5 key. For other models, press the F7 key.

If you get an image on the laptop screen but not on the projector check the following: On the laptop keyboard find the key marked FUNCTION or FUNC [usually on the lower left corner of the keyboard ] Then, search for a key that has the letters LCD/CRT [F8] or a little monitor icon.  Most often, it will be in the top row of keys marked F1 through F12.  When you have both keys located, press the FUNCTION key and then press the LCD/CRT [F8] key that you located before.  It might take a couple of seconds for the computer to react This should toggle the screen image through a cycle like this:  Image on Laptop Screen Image on Projector Image on both.

How do I get help for an off campus group who wants to bring their own Laptop and Powerpoint presentation to use on campus?

Submit a Media Services ticket in KBox to request assistance.  The Media Services Dept will need the following information:

Any other equipment required
Will you require technician assistance?

Why does my laptop not connect to the projector while my PowerPoint presentation is running?

Some laptops will not enable communication with a projector while PowerPoint is running in presentation mode.  Stop the presentation only - do not exit PowerPoint - and try to connect the laptop to the projector again.

When I play music from my PC, I get sound out of one speaker only. How can I make both speakers work?

Check all cables to make sure they are connected correctly.  The speaker cable is generally color coded with a green plug make sure it is plugged all the way into the corresponding plug on the PC.

Which plug do I use to connect speakers to my laptop?

Look for a symbol  that looks like a pair of headphones, this is the speaker connection for most laptops, unless the laptop is equipped with its own soundcard then use the green port.

Can I connect an LCD projector to my Mac?

You may need a DVI, miniDVI, or mini-VGA adapter to use with the VGA cable. If you have the following computer, you need the following adapter: iBook G4 12", 14" ... miniVGA MacBook 13" ... miniDVI MacBook Pro 15", 17" ... DVI PowerBook G4 12" ... miniDVI PowerBook G4 15", 17" ... DVI When connecting a Mac to a projector and the following is displayed "No input detected on RGB," you may need to go into System Preferences>Displays and tell the computer to Mirror the screen and the LCD projector's image.

My DVD is connected to my TV and all the cable connections are connected.  I cannot get a picture on the TV, what is the problem?

Check the cables to make sure the yellow output from the DVD/VCR is in use and corresponds with the yellow input on the back of the TV, also make sure that the red and white outputs from the DVD/VCR match the inputs on the TV.  Next make sure that the channel setting for the TV is correct based on the video input on the back of the TV, in some cases you will require the remote control (For example older GE televisions) for the television in order to set the proper channel for video input.

My lamp has burned out in my overhead projector.  What do I do?

Unplug the projector and lift the top.  The manufacture number is inside.  The lamp letters are shown as three letters like FXL, ENX, or DYS.  You can also look on the lamp itself.  This will help us to locate the correct lamp for your projector. The Media Services department keeps a supply of overhead projector bulbs in stock. If you need a replacement, submit a service ticket with the bulb type you need, and they will submit a bulb replacement request. If I ’d like to replace my OHP lamp myself, what do I do? Unplug the projector and lift the top.  The manufacturer number is inside. The lamp letters are shown as three letters like FXL, ENX, or DYS.  You can also look on the lamp itself.  This will help us to locate the correct lamp for your projector.

Will Media Services show me how to use AudioVisual equipment?

Yes, Media Services is happy to provide training to faculty and staff for audiovisual equipment. We offer planned sessions and personal training sessions by request. If you need a training session, submit a service ticket. A Media Services technician will contact you to set up a time/place

Does Media Services loan AudioVisual Equipment?

Media Services owns a 200-watt Fender Portable PA system that is checked out by appointment. The PA system is for large venue uses. In order to check out the Fender system, a brief training session is necessary. To reserve the system, submit a service ticket. A 4 business day advance notice is required. Reservations are subject to availability of equipment. All other A/V equipment can be checked out from the library.

Will Media Services supply a quote for audiovisual equipment for me?

Yes, we are happy to provide price quotes and advice for ordering. We encourage departments to consult with us before equipment is purchased to ensure that the new equipment meets your departmental needs, and that any additional equipment such as ceiling mounts, screens or cabling are considered. For price quotes, submit a service ticket and request the service.

Will Media Services help me decide what to order?

Yes, we can assist you in your decision-making when purchasing new data projectors, replacement lamps for data projectors, or other audiovisual equipment. Our staff works hard to keep up to date on new technologies and current equipment models. We work with a variety of vendors to provide our school with the best service, reliability and cost. For equipment advice, submit a service ticket.

Will Media Services install the audiovisual equipment for me?

Yes, when your new equipment arrives, we will install or arrange installation, and if necessary, conduct a training session on how to operate it. Submit a service ticket to arrange installation and/or a training session appointment.

Who do I contact if I want to request Media Services?

Request Media Services through KBox or contact the JCC Consolidated Help Desk at