Campus Digital Signage

Johnston Community College has 46" and 43" Samsung Digital Signage monitors mounted in high traffic areas in 29 main campus locations, as well as at Workforce Development Center and JCC's Cleveland campus.

The college Digital Signage is a great way to promote college events and programs, and can be done rather quickly. JOLT and Media Services manage the content on the campus digital signage screens, and will gladly assist with slide creation. Call us at (919) 464-2260.

To have your information displayed on the college digital display screens:

  1. Please design your slide on a PowerPoint slide that is set to widescreen.
    - In PowerPoint, click Design tab, and select widescreen from the 'Slide Size' drop down in the top menu.
  2. View the tips in the video to the right for pointers regarding color, contrast, and placement.
  3. When finished, save your slide as a .jpeg from PowerPoint.
  4. Submit a KBOX ticket in the Media Services queue with your slide attached in the ticket. Include start/stop dates and any other pertinent information in your KBOX ticket.

That's it! Thanks for using our Campus Digital Signage System!