Course Presentation Checklist

Now that your course is fully developed and has been reviewed by your SME(s) and a JOLT staff member, you are ready to present to the Distance Learning Committee. Here is a handy checklist to give you an idea of what areas of your course to feature during your presentation:

Introduction should include:

_____ Your name and brief introduction about your course development experience

_____ The name of the course, course ID and delivery format (Hybrid or Online)

_____ Semester for which the course will be offered

_____ The audience for the course (CU students, CE students, CCP or high school)

_____ The goals and objectives of the course

Course presentation should include:

_____ A personal course introduction by the instructor on the Announcement page (video preferred)

_____ The course syllabus (ensure approved and updated JCC syllabus template is used)

_____ If the course is hybrid, the intended percentage of online and face-to-face instruction

_____ If the course is hybrid, attendance calculation for face-to-face and online hours

_____ A contact menu item that includes instructor information (Name, title, photo, brief bio, phone and office hours)

_____ A Discussion board or other form of peer-to-peer and instructor-to-student interaction

_____ Instructions for where to find Technical and Academic assistance (refer to tab at top of Bb My Institution page)

_____ Course Content (Course instructional materials, documents, PowerPoints, videos, or other multimedia)

_____ Assignments (including lab examples if using an online lab), and how they meet SLO requirements

_____ Ally score for ADA Accessibility

_____ Assessment types

_____ Bb Grade Center set up

_____ Engagement: Student to student; Student to Instructor; Student to content

_____ Plans for Instructor presence (how will you interact with online students?)

_____ And finally, anything else you would like to show to highlight your course

All the best to you, and remember, if you have any questions about the above items, please don't hesitate to call JOLT at (919) 464-2260. We're here to help you ensure that your course is complete and ready to go!