ADA Compliancy

Johnston Community College's online, blended, and hybrid classes will be digitally accessible and adhere to standards set by federal, state, and NCCCS regulations. JOLT will regularly evaluate courses utilizing distance education for adherence to accessibility and instructional design standards. Faculty and students are encouraged to reach out to JCC's Accessibility Services for questions about student rights and responsibilities when requesting academic accommodations.

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ADA Compliant Syllabi
Please use the following ADA compliant syllabi in your classes. They can also be found in the staff and faculty intranet on the "Forms" page:

Syllabi Instructions:

  • All faculty are required to use the new syllabi template, Version 2021. Please adhere to this directive.
  • All text in black is mandatory and must remain intact.
  • All text in blue is sample language provided for guidance.
  • All text in red is requires individual faculty information.
  • Syllabi must be sent to your Department Chair for approval before uploading to your Blackboard shell. Once approved, please upload to the appropriate location in Blackboard as a Microsoft Word document. 

Web Accessibility Checklist