Software Recommendations

The following software recommendations are essential for a successful online learning experience:

  • Hardware samplesAdobe Reader - Software that lets you view and print PDF files on various hardware and operating system platforms.
  • Firefox - Web Browser developed by Mozilla.
  • Chrome - Web Browser developed by Google.
  • Microsoft Office 365 (included with your JCC student email) - Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel office suite
  • Respondus Lockdown Browser - Test proctoring software (your instructor will provide you with the link to a free download if required.

In addition to the above software, you may find yourself needing to use the following:

  • Teams: A video conferencing platform that is commonly used for online classes and meetings.
  • SafeAssign: A plagiarism detection software that may be required by your instructor for certain assignments.
  • A note-taking app: Such as Microsoft OneNote..
  • A file management app: Such as Microsoft OneDrive.

Office 365 Applications

Office 365 is a powerful suite of applications that can be used for a variety of online learning tasks. Here are a few examples:

  • Microsoft Outlook: Can be used to access your JCC email.
  • Microsoft Word: Can be used to create and edit documents, such as essays, reports, and presentations.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: Can be used to create and deliver presentations.
  • Microsoft Excel: Can be used to create and analyze spreadsheets.
  • Microsoft Teams: Can be used to communicate and collaborate with classmates and instructors.

By learning how to use Office 365 applications effectively, you can set yourself up for success in your online learning journey.

Please note that these are just recommendations, and the specific software requirements for your online courses may vary. Be sure to check with your instructor for the latest information.