Technical Requirements

You will need basic computer and technical skills to comfortably succeed in an online course. These skills include but are not limited to the following:

  • Using a mouse including scrolling, left-clicking and right-clicking.
  • Typing information for coursework.
  • Creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in Microsoft Office.
  • Participating in online discussion boards.
  • Participating in online videoconferences.
  • Creating and editing Microsoft Office files in formats such as .docx, .xlsx, .pptx, 
  • Installing and using any 3rd party software required by the course syllabus.

Hardware and Software You Will Need

In addition to your computer skills, you will also need adequate hardware and software to participate in an online course:

  • Access to a PC, laptop, or Mac computer running Windows 10+ or MacOS 10.12+ operating systems.
    • Chromebooks, Android mobile devices, or iOS devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) may not be adequate to complete your online course assignments.
  • Reliable high-speed internet connection. 
  • A clear and reliable computer microphone and webcam. 
  • The College provides a student email account to all students. This is the only email you should expect to use with your instructors, and you will need to check your email regularly. 
    • Instructors may not respond to a non-JCC email address. If you experience issues and cannot access your JCC email, please use an alternative form of contact per the course syllabus.
  • Access to Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office 365 access is included with your student email.
    • Instructors may not accept Google Workspace, Mac iWork, or any other file formats other than Microsoft Office files (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx) or PDFs.
  • A supported browser - Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers are recommended.
    See for details.