Horseback and Bike Trails

Horseback and Bike Riding Trails Brochure and Map (PDF)

All horseback and bike riders must have reservations with Howell Woods before riding on the property.

Reservations must be made in advance by filling out the form below or by
calling the Learning Center, (919) 938-0115.

Riding Schedule
September - March (Sunday - Wednesday)
April - August (Monday - Sunday)

All equine six months of age and older must have proof of a current negative EIA test to ride on the property.

Horseback riders must have a registration form (PDF) and current negative EIA test on you at all times while you ride and should be readily available upon request by a staff member.

Rider fees
$20 per horse
Bikes are free

Available to horseback and bike riders are more than 15 miles of very scenic roads that meander through mature bottomland hardwood forest, open fallow and managed wildlife fields, loblolly and longleaf pine forest, mixed pine/hardwood forest, wet early successional and hardwood forest edge habitat, and a 3/4 mile stretch adjacent to the Neuse River.

All horseback and bike riders are highly encouraged to wear the appropriate safety headgear while on the property.

There are currently two water spigots located in the parking lot to water horses.

All horseback and bike trails are maintained dirt or gravel single lane roads. Some road surfaces are "crush and run" type gravel. Several water fords with larger stones are located on several of the major roads. There are also two wooden plank bridges on two of the major roads.

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