Hunting Opportunities

Did you know that feral pigs as large as 300 pounds roam the forests of Howell Woods?

While the environmental learning center offers outdoor programs and activities for nature enthusiasts, it is also a popular hunting spot for wild pig, whitetail deer, wild turkey, and other game.

Why Hunt at Howell Woods?

As areas become more urban, it can be difficult to find places that are available for hunting.  At Howell Woods, you get an opportunity to hunt in a pristine area where you can "get away from it all," enjoy the camaraderie of fellow hunters, and if you've had a good hunt, you get a natural, additive-free meat for your dinner table.

The Quality of the Habitat

The quality and well-regulated habitat makes Howell Woods one of the best hunting areas in eastern North Carolina. Hunters from within a 100-mile radius and many hunters from other states have experienced the great hunting from September through March on the 2,800 acres of Howell Woods.

With the application of specific game laws and ethical and humane harvest techniques, hunting can be a valuable management tool for wildlife. Wildlife species (game and non-game) and their habitats are managed on the property of Howell Woods by four technicians. Game species, properly managed, are seen as a natural, renewable resource.

Because we are foremost an educational facility, education is our top priority. We believe hands-on practical applications of the principles we are teaching is the best way to learn those principles. As you read through the information about hunting at Howell Woods, please keep in mind our mission to promote the sustainable use of natural resources and to enhance an awareness and appreciation of the conservation, preservation, and restoration of North Carolina's natural resources.

Safe Environment

The rules and regulations are designed to ensure a safe hunting experience, ensure an equal opportunity to participate in hunting sports for the general public in well managed habitats, and ensure proper game management by applying humane and scientific harvest techniques and regulations.

The staff will not tolerate unsafe or unethical hunters as any true sportsperson should not either! We hope after a hunting experience at Howell Woods that each hunter will have a new respect for outdoor safety, the profession of wildlife management, fellow hunters, native ecosystems, and all wildlife species in general!

Everything You Need to Finish the Hunt

At Howell Woods, you have the opportunity to hunt for different game and can expect to find all the necessary equipment needed to start and finish the hunt. In addition to stands and feeders, Howell Woods is also equipped with a processing area that includes gambrels, butchering tools, and walk-in coolers where you can properly prepare your game after the hunt.

Thank you for your interest in hunting at Howell Woods and good luck!

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