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How it Works:

(for illustrative purposes only, individual costs will vary):

Cost of Associate's Degree (60 credits): $5,000
Cost of 4-Year Degree Completion (60 credits): $8,000
Total Cost of 4-Year Degree: $13,000
Fayetteville State University Grant: ($3,000)
Student's Total "Out of Pocket" Cost: $10,000*

*"Out of pocket" costs refer to costs not covered by financial aid.
Your cost may be much less than $10,000 if you are eligible for federal or state need-based grants.

Note: Cost estimates assume that student maintains continuous enrollment, enrolls in required courses only, earns final grades of A, B. or C, and does not withdraw from classes. FSU will provide an institutional scholarship each semester as needed to make sure total "out of pocket" cost does not exceed $10,000.

Program Requirements


  1. Be a North Carolina resident for purposes of tuition calculation.
  2. Submit a FAFSA application for each year of enrollment.
  3. Complete an "Intent to Enroll" form for the $10,000 degree pathway.
  4. Enroll only in courses specified in the curriculum guide for the selected pathway.
  5. Earn a grade of A, B, or C in all required courses.
  6. Earn an associate's degree from a partner school** in one of the approved curricular pathways.
  7. Apply for admission to FSU no later three months in advance of anticipated enrollment at FSU. (Application fee will be waived.)
  8. Eligible FSU Programs are ONLINE ONLY

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