Programs supported by the Foundation include:

Student Scholarships
Each spring students are encouraged to submit applications for JCC Foundation scholarships. Scholarships are awarded during the summer to help students with tuition and book expenses. Recipients are also invited to attend the annual Donor Appreciation and Scholarship Recipient event in the fall.

Student Ambassadors
Ambassadors are an exceptional group of students selected to represent the College at special events on campus and in the community. For more than 10 years the College Foundation has funded up to fifteen annual scholarships for students who have shown potential to be leaders on campus. Student ambassadors at JCC are involved in a variety of activities both on campus and in the community. Some of these activities include community service such as Habitat for Humanity, assisting with campus registration, graduation ceremonies, and various fund-raisers for the College.

Recipients of this scholarship network and develop relationships with faculty, staff, and fellow students that last a lifetime. Each student ambassador commits him or herself to one full year of service to JCC and attends an orientation and summer training session to build teamwork, communication, and character building skills.

Innovation Grants
Innovation grants are designed to fund projects that benefit JCC students, programs, curricula, classrooms, or the College in general. Collaboration among personnel and departments is strongly encouraged. Innovation grants of up to $2,500 are available for projects on a one-time-only basis, based on availability of funding and assessed score of the project. Projects may be submitted by an individual staff or faculty member or by small groups.

Emergency Book Loans
Funding also goes for emergency book loans. The cost of books keeps rising, and students are very appreciative of this help.

Special Purpose Program Support
Special purpose funds target specific areas of interest for both the donor and the College. Some of the JCC Foundation's special purpose funds support the fine and performing arts, the Frank Creech Art Gallery, the Arboretum, Howell Woods, and Truck Driver Training.

Distinguished Citizens
This award is given to a citizen of Johnston County who has made a significant contribution to the community at large. Past recipients include Frank Creech, Mokie and Betsy Stancil, Earl C. Helms, Carl Lamm, Julia Elsee, John R. (Doc) Windley, Rudolph Howell, and Evander S. Simpson.