JCC Foundation Confidentiality Agreement

I understand that in the course of my work activities with the Johnston Community College Foundation, I may have access to documents, data or other information that may be of a personal or private nature for individuals, corporations, or the JCC Foundation. Further, I understand that such information is to be considered confidential whether or not it is labeled or identified as “confidential.”

I acknowledge that the confidentiality of such information is to be scrupulously protected. Except as required by my activities, I shall never, either during or after my employment and/or volunteer service with Johnston Community College and/or with Johnston Community College Foundation, directly or indirectly disseminate or disclose any information acquired in the course of my activities.

I understand that any violation of this policy of confidentiality may be grounds for disciplinary action up to and/or including termination, or removal from my position. I hereby acknowledge and will abide by the above confidentiality statement.