New Student Orientation

Our Virtual New Student Orientation (NSO) experience will be self-paced and includes information related to both academic resources, and engagement opportunities.

The deadline to complete the virtual NSO is January 3. This mandatory orientation takes approximately 30 minutes to complete entirely. Students are expected to complete all of the content fully in order to receive their NSO and their Title IX Certificates of Completion.

Certificates of completion will need to be uploaded onto the JAGx Blackboard community once the semester begins.

How to start NSO

Step 1: Log into your JCC Portal account.

Step 2: Click the box that states "New Student Orientation" with a blue outline and our mascot, Jagger.

New Student Orientation image with JCC Mascot

Step 3: Click the "New Student Orientation - Kick start your college career now" button. You will work to complete all Orientation Modules under the blue "Lessons" section on the right-hand side.

NSO Welcome Screen Sample

A green check mark equals completion!

NSO Progress Bar

Step 4: Title IX Training is mandatory and can be accessed by clicking the Title IX Training- Sexual Violence Awareness & Prevention: Training for Students button.

Step 5: Download Certificates of Completion. Once you complete the orientation and Title IX training  download your certificate of completion and hold on tight to these certificates. You will upload these certificates into the JAGx Blackboard Shell once the semester begins.

Sample NSO Certificate of Completion