Paul A. Johnston Auditorium

Paul A Johnson Auditorium

The 51,000-square-foot Tart Building includes the auditorium, the SJCCTV studio, media services staff and classroom space for various academic programs. The building is also home to the box office and the Great Hall which is used for a variety of college and public functions. The 1,007-seat auditorium is available to rent for both ticketed and non-ticketed events.  The Great Hall, located in the Tart Building next to the auditorium, is also available for rental in addition to the auditorium.

The auditorium and Great Hall will be available for rental on weekdays and weekends.  These spaces are available for rental beginning at 8:00 a.m. through 11:00 p.m., seven days a week, except for state holidays.   Availability outside of those hours would require approval and be subject to the hourly rates of $200/hour (Monday-Thursday) or $250/hour (Friday-Sunday).

What’s Included in the Rental
The following equipment items are included in the rental of the Paul A. Johnston Auditorium:

  • Internet: Wireless internet access is available in the auditorium and the Great Hall.
  • All lighting, except for Revolutions (moving lights; see below)(technical assistance labor required)
  • Basic PA sound package (technical assistance required) including
    • Podium with one microphone (choice of wireless or lavalier)
    • speakers
    • Hearing impaired system with 12 receivers

Ticketing Services and Event Production Information
JCC Event Services offers ticketing services for your event.  Our fees range based on the services you request.  You have the choice of electronic ticketing with tickets scanned at the event, and/or printed ticketing with tickets mailed in advance and/or held at the box office.  JCC Event Services has two rental structures, based on whether you have us ticket your event and process participant payments, or rent the facility for a fee.  Contact us for a quote.

Other Services for Auditorium Events

  • Event Personnel: For all performances taking place in the auditorium, the following crew members are required. One (1) Technical Director, two (2) Ushers, one (1) Stage Hand and one (1) Security Officer.
  • Event Entrance: Production personnel will enter through the Loading Dock entrance located upstage SR. House doors typically open thirty (30) minutes prior to curtain. Individuals not directly related to the production will not be allowed onstage or backstage. Access to dressing rooms during a performance is through the loading dock. For safety precautions, audience members will not be allowed onstage after a performance.
  • Decorations: At no time shall decorations or equipment be placed in or on the building, walls or corridors, nor shall any signage be supported by nails, tacks, screws or tape on walls, doors, railings or woodwork without prior approval from the Technical Director. Painting, staining and other scenic treatments are not allowed in the auditorium. Helium balloons are not permitted in the building.
  • Food & Drink: Food and drink are prohibited from the stage and dressing rooms with the exception of bottled water. Food and drink are allowed and must stay in the Green Room located adjacent SL. All buildings on campus are smoke free.
  • Internet: Wireless internet access is available in the auditorium and the lobby.

Special Effects
The use of pyrotechnics or open flames is not allowed in the building. The use of fog and chemical haze are permitted but must be monitored by the Technical Director. The fire alarm will sound if the effect becomes too thick.