Length of Application Screening Process

The hiring department normally contacts applicants for interviews approximately two to four weeks after the recruitment closing date. For jobs that indicate "continuous," applicants are screened for possible referral to the hiring department in the order in which their application is submitted.

Screening, Referral and Employment

In considering your candidacy, your education, experience, skills, work record and availability will be evaluated in relation to job requirements. Based on that evaluation, a limited number of applications will be referred to the hiring department. Due to the response to our recruitment efforts, not all applicants receive interviews. The hiring department will contact those applicants in whom they are interested to discuss the vacancy further or to arrange a personal interview.

Status of Recruitment/Notification When a Job is Filled

Applicants receive email notification of their individual status updates as the recruitment progresses. All applicants are notified via email once the position is filled.

For more information regarding open positions, please contact:

Human Resources

(919) 209-2536

Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action

Johnston Community College is dedicated to equality of opportunity. Accordingly, we do not practice or condone discrimination, in any form, against employees or applicants on the grounds of race, creed, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, pregnancy, political affiliation or mental or physical abilities except where physical or mental abilities, sex, or age are legitimate occupational qualifications. We are subject to, and comply with, the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Identity and Employability

If employed, you must submit proof of identity and eligibility for legal employment by your third day of work. Contact the Human Resources Department for a complete list of acceptable documents (examples of the most commonly used documents include a valid driver's license, a social security card and/or an original birth certificate).

All new applicants will be required to complete an Employee Criminal Background Check. Employment is contingent upon the result the Criminal Background Check.

Job Classification and Pay

Positions with similar duties and responsibilities are assigned the same job classification, salary level and range. Starting salaries are based on the selected applicant's relevant training and experience, labor-market considerations, internal salary equity and the availability of funds.

Probationary Period

New employees are subject to a probationary period of at least 90 days. If performance and conduct meet acceptable standards, a regular appointment is given. If not, employment may be terminated any time during the period.