Personal Finance

Do you have a hard time saving money? Do you always feel behind and can't make ends meet? A class on Personal Finance might be right for you!

This all new course is designed to help students understand everyday financial decisions. This includes budgeting, leveraging capital such as credit cards, car and home loans. Students will learn to develop a savings plan and a personal plan for retirement.

Date(s) Day(s) Time Location Fee** Registration
    Tuesday &
6:30 pm - 
8:30 pm
Live Streaming
$75   A. Shands

Please use this link to register for the class

When asked for the course ID, enter the code above for the appropriate class date. Please fill out the required information. You should receive an email confirming your registration status within two business days.

Please review the video above to access the class. The class will be accessed through Blackboard at the top of JCC website. Once you've received registration confirmation, use Self-Service (top of JCC website) to reset your student password.  After you've completed the reset, you should be able to log into Blackboard to access the class.

For questions related to registering please contact   

Note: Tuition and fees may be waived for individuals who meet specific criteria. 

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