SWAT- Basic

Course Description:
This course is designed for entry level tactical operators or patrol personnel assigned to their agency's tactical response team. Officers attending this training will be introduced to a variety commonly accepted "best practices" regarding tactical operations. The course focuses on numerous tactical operations to include: room clearing, building searches, vehicles assaults, raid planning and basic woodland operations. Students will also receive instruction regarding legal issues, member selection, specialized equipment selection and team training. The 45-hour course is physically and mentally demanding. While there is no physical fitness prerequisite to attend this class, students should be relatively fit upon arrival. Anyone interested in attending this course may contact the instructors request a copy of the lesson plan for review.

Contact information

Kevin N. Driver
BLET School Director
(919) 464-2352

Dr. Jamie Wicker
Dean of Transportation and Public Safety
Public Safety Building J1011
(919) 464-2358

Wendy Tart
Administrative Assistant, Public Services
(919) 464-2369