Income Maintenance Caseworker

Income Maintenance Caseworker - NCFAST (Phase 2)

**Must have completed Phase 1 Human Services Exploration: DSS Caseworker.**

This course is designed to cover a variety of skills associated with the Income Maintenance Caseworker role to determine service eligibility. Specific focus will include proficiency in the utilization of the NCFAST application. Other topics will include skill in communication, interviewing, time management, data gathering/compiling, and data analysis. Note: Students must successfully complete the prerequisite course, Human Services Exploration: DSS Caseworker (Phase 1), prior to taking the Phase 2 course. 

Date(s) Day(s) Time Location Fee Notes
HSE 3220
March 23 - 
May 20, 2021
Tuesday &
6:00 pm -
9:00 pm
JCC Main Campus
Wilson Building
Room C2007
$130  No Class:
April 6 &
April 8
C. Gunter

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