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CDEIB logo contest

CDEIB contest guidelines:

  • No modifications allowed to the JCC (Johnston Community College) Shield
  • Include the word “Belong” or belongingness in the design
  • The wording “Johnston Community College” should be included in the logo design
  • 3-5 colors included in the design
  • Logo should be able to be converted into black and white
  • Verbiage font should be Open Sans
  • Enter submission to the CDEIB email address: jcccdeib@johnstoncc.edu
  • Include a brief description of the meaning/reason behind the design. What does it mean?

Submission Process:

  • Students will submit their logo to cdeib@johnstoncc.edu by February 15th.
  • Contestants should understand that the Marketing and Branding Committee for CDEIB may provide signifying design feedback to the winner inviting the student to create slight logo enhancements

Judging Rubric


Description of Possible Scores

Score 1-5

Communicates Objective:
 How clearly did the logo communicate the objective of CDEIB?

1 = Unsure what is being presented

2 = Not Clear

3 = Somewhat Clear

4 = Clear

5 = Very Clear


 Will the logo remain relevant?

1 = The logo will be useful for less than a year.

2 = The logo will be relevant for more than a year.

3 = The logo will be relevant for 3+ years.

4 = The logo will be relevant for 4+ years.

5 = The logo will be relevant for 5+ years.


 How creative/unique is the logo?

1 = Uncreative

2 = Not Very Creative

3 = Somewhat Creative

4 = Creative

5 = Very Creative


Executive Tie Breaker:
 In the event of a tie, 1 point will be awarded by executive decision.




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