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General Law Office Certificate

The General Law Office certificate is an option available to students who have completed a two-year or four-year
degree in any discipline.

In order for a student to be eligible to sit for the North Carolina Certified Paralegal exam 10 hours of LEX courses
must be taken as seated, in-person courses. This applies to all certificates, diplomas and degrees in the paralegal
program at Johnston Community College.


Fall Semester 1

Course Credits
LEX-120 - Legal Research/Writing I 3
LEX-140 - Civil Litigation I 3
LEX-250 - Wills, Estates, & Trusts 3
Total Credit Hours 9

Spring Semester 1

Course Credits
LEX-130 - Civil Injuries 3
LEX-160 - Criminal Law & Procedure 3
LEX-240 - Family Law 3
Total Credit Hours 9