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Medical Assisting Degree

The Medical Assisting curriculum prepares multi-skilled health care professionals qualified to perform administrative, clinical, and laboratory procedures.

Course work includes instruction in scheduling appointments, coding and processing insurance accounts, billing, collections, computer operations; assisting with examinations/treatments, performing routine laboratory procedures, electrocardiography, supervised medication administration; and ethical/legal issues associated with patient care.

Graduates of CAAHEP-accredited medical assisting programs may be eligible to sit for the American Association of Medical Assistants' Certification Examination to become Certified Medical Assistants. Employment opportunities include physicians' offices, health maintenance organizations, health departments, and hospitals.


Fall Semester 1

Course Credits
BIO-163 - Basic Anatomy & Physiology 5
HSC-110 - Orientation to Health Careers 1
MED-110 - Orientation to Medical Assisting 1
MED-118 - Medical Law and Ethics 2
MED-121 - Medical Terminology I 3
MED-130 - Administrative Office Procedures I 2
Total Credit Hours 14

Spring Semester 1

Course Credits
MED-122 - Medical Terminology II 3
MED-131 - Administrative Office Procedures II 2
MED-140 - Examining Room Procedures I 5
MED-150 - Laboratory Procedures I 5
Total Credit Hours 15

Summer Semester

Course Credits
PSY-150 - General Psychology 3
MED-260 - MED Clinical Practicum 5
MED-262 - Clinical Perspectives 1
MED-264 - Medical Assisting Overview 2
Total Credit Hours 11

Fall Semester 2

Course Credits
ENG-112 - Writing and Research in the Disciplines 3
MAT-110 - Mathematical Measurement and Literacy 3
MED-230 - Administrative Office Procedures III 2
MED-240 - Examining Room Procedures II 5
MED-274 - Diet Therapy/Nutrition 3
Total Credit Hours 16

Spring Semester 2

Course Credits
MED-270 - Symptomatology 3
MED-272 - Drug Therapy 3
MED-276 - Patient Education 2
PHI-240 - Introduction to Ethics 3
Total Credit Hours 11

* BIO-163 must be taken prior to program application deadline date.