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Criminal Justice Technology Degree

The Criminal Justice Technology curriculum is designed to provide knowledge of criminal justice systems and operations. Study will focus on local, state, and federal law enforcement, judicial processes, corrections, and security services. The criminal justice system?s role within society will be explored.

Emphasis is on criminal justice systems, criminology, juvenile justice, criminal and constitutional law, investigative principles, ethics, and community relations. Additional study may include issues and concepts of government, counseling, communications, computers, and technology.

Employment opportunities exist in a variety of local, state, and federal law enforcement, corrections, and security fields. Examples include police officer, deputy sheriff, county detention officer, state trooper, intensive probation/parole surveillance officer, correctional officer, and loss prevention specialist.


Fall Semester 1

Course Credits
ACA-111 - College Student Success 1
-OR- ACA-122 - College Transfer Success 1
CJC-111 - Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
CJC-131 - Criminal Law 3
CJC-112 - Criminology 3
CJC-132 - Court Procedure & Evidence 3
Total Credit Hours 13/13

Spring Semester 1

Course Credits
ENG-112 - Writing and Research in the Disciplines 3
CJC-121 - Law Enforcement Operations 3
CJC-141 - Corrections 3
CJC-211 - Counseling 3
CJC-113 - Juvenile Justice 3
PSY-150 - General Psychology 3
Total Credit Hours 18

Fall Semester 2

Course Credits
CJC-212 - Ethics & Community Relations 3
POL-120 - American Government 3
CJC-215 - Organization & Administration 3
CJC-213 - Substance Abuse 3
BIO-110 - Principles of Biology 4
Total Credit Hours 16

Spring Semester 2

Course Credits
CJC-214 - Victimology 3
CJC-221 - Investigative Principles 4
CJC-231 - Constitutional Law 3
SOC-210 - Introduction to Sociology 3
HUM-115 - Critical Thinking 3
Total Credit Hours 16