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Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology Degree

The Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Technology curriculum provides the basic knowledge to develop skills necessary to work with residential and light commercial systems.

Topics include mechanical refrigeration, heating and cooling theory, electricity, controls, and safety. The diploma program covers air conditioning, furnaces, heat pumps, tools and instruments. In addition, the AAS degree covers residential building codes, residential system sizing, and advanced comfort systems.

Diploma graduates should be able to assist in the start up, preventive maintenance, service, repair, and/or installation of residential and light commercial systems. AAS degree graduates should be able to demonstrate an understanding of system selection and balance and advanced systems.


Fall Semester 1

Course Credits
AHR-110 - Introduction to Refrigeration 5
AHR-113 - Comfort Cooling 4
ELC-111 - Introduction to Electricity 3
AHR-114 - Heat Pump Technology 4
AHR-160 - Refrigerant Certification 1
AHR-130 - HVAC Controls 3
Total Credit Hours 20

Spring Semester 1

Course Credits
AHR-112 - Heating Technology 4
AHR-133 - HVAC Servicing 4
AHR-180 - HVACR Customer Relations 1
BAT-111 - Building Automation Systems 2
ISC-112 - Industrial Safety 2
MAT-110 - Mathematical Measurement and Literacy 3
Total Credit Hours 16

Fall Semester 2

Course Credits
AHR-211 - Residential System Design 3
AHR-213 - HVACR Building Code 2
CIS-110 - Introduction to Computers 3
HUM-115 - Critical Thinking 3
AHR-240 - Hydronic Heating 2
Total Credit Hours 13

Spring Semester 2

Course Credits
AHR-250 - Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Diagnostics 2
AHR-212 - Advanced Comfort Systems 4
BUS-139 - Entrepreneurship I 3
COM-110 - Introduction to Communication 3
BAT-151 - Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Motors and Drives 3
PSY-118 - Interpersonal Psychology 3
-OR- PSY-150 - General Psychology 3
Total Credit Hours 18/18