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Building Automation Technology

BAT. Building Automation Technology

BAT 111
Building Automation Systems

2 credit hours

This course introduces the issues involved with building automation systems (BAS). Topics include digital direct control (DDC), field devices, human machine interface (HMI), BAS design and specification, energy conservation control strategies, and system maintenance. Upon completion, students should identify and describe the major components in a BAS, explain the basic functions of DDC systems and HMI basics, reference codes and standards applicable to BAS, and justify control components for project work.

BAT 151
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Motors and Drives

3 credit hours

This course covers the application, use, and control of motors and drives used in commercial HVAC systems. Topics include motor and generator theory, motor types, motor starters, motor controls, and variable frequency drives. Upon completion, students should be able to safely install, test, and troubleshoot motors and motor control equipment used in commercial HVAC systems.