Does my teacher/club advisor have to approve my project?

Yes.  There is a place in the Registration Form that asks who your sponsoring teacher/club advisor is.  We will 
contact that person to confirm that your project is approved.  

Does my project have to be from this current semester?

 Yes.  We ask that all projects presented at the Expo reflect work from the current semester. 

Can I showcase a project that I did at home (not part of a JCC class/club/organization)?

No.  Though we applaud your initiative to do independent work, the JCC Student Expo only showcases work
completed by JCC students through JCC classes, organization, and clubs.  

Does it cost anything to participate?

No.  There is no cost to participate.

Will JCC have the technology that I need to showcase my project?

JCC will provide a table and an extension cord to an outlet. There is a space on the registration form that allows you to state if you need other forms of technology.  JCC will try to accommodate your technology needs, but we cannot promise that we will have other forms of technology.  We may be able to make other accommodations for space, as well (if your project is large and needs more room or needs to be outdoors), but again, we will have to work with our JCC administration to make sure that we are in compliance with campus regulations before we commit to those modifications.

Will there be awards?

Some organizations on campus may be giving awards during the Expo (Honors Experience, EPIC Boat 
Competition, etc.); however, there are no awards for the Expo an overall event.  You will, however, receive a 
Certificate of Achievement to show that you participated in the event. 

Who will come to the JCC Student Expo? Who will see my project?

The JCC Student Expo is an open event.  We anticipate JCC faculty, staff, and students to participate, as well 
as visitors from the Johnston County community, businesses, and outside industries. 

Will I be required to talk to people about my project?

Yes.  Visitors will likely ask you questions about your project, so you should be prepared to explain how you 
designed your project, how/why you completed it, and what you learned.

Can I present a project with a group?

Yes, you may present a group project.  The registration form offers a place for a team name or group name.  

Can I present more than 1 project?

You may present more than 1 project.  If you register to present more than 1 project, the Expo 
administration team will work to locate your projects in close proximity for the Expo. 

Will I be required to stay the entire 2 hours? 

Yes.  If you register to participate in the JCC Student Expo, you should expect to present for the entire 2 

Will I be required to set up my project during a certain time?

Set-up for the Expo will be 1 hour prior to the start of the Expo.  You should make plans to be at your
designated space to set up your project during that time. 

Will I be required to take down my project during a certain time? 

All projects will need to be disassembled at the close of the Expo.  You should not leave your project at the 

Is the JCC Student Expo open to Early College and CCP Students?

Yes, as long as the student is enrolled in a JCC course and showcasing a project from a JCC course.