Club Resources

Student clubs can make many positive contributions to the accomplishment of the objectives of the College. Accordingly, participation in approved student clubs that operate on the campus is encouraged.

Procedures for organizing and securing approval of student clubs are outlined below.

A group of students who wish to organize a club should submit a petition to the Coordinator for Student Engagement and Athletics for recognition and approval to operate as a student club. A copy of proposed club by-laws must be attached to the petition. The petition must contain the names of the organizers of the club as well as the name of the faculty advisor of the club.

The Coordinator of Student Engagement and Athletics will review the petition. Final approval is subject to the administration. Student clubs approved to operate on the campus are required to:

  • Submit annually the Club Information form to the Coordinator of Student Engagement and Athletics.
  • Sign annually the Statement of Membership.
  • Request approval of the Coordinator of Student Engagement and Athletics to conduct special events, social functions, fund raising drives, or other activities.
  • Abide by college regulations concerning the receipt and expenditure of club funds.