Student Ambassadors

2018-19 Student Ambassadors


JCC Student Ambassadors are a diverse group of students who serve as leaders on campus. They are liaisons between students, faculty, and staff, and they help answer questions and participate in campus activities. Ambassadors develop relationships with the campus community and network with community representatives. These students are also driven to serve others outside the campus community and participate in volunteer projects.

During their time as Ambassadors, students gain leadership skills and are provided development opportunities throughout the course of the year served.

Student Ambassadors must maintain high academic standards and undergo an application and interview process. In return for their service, students are awarded a scholarship to cover tuition and student fees. Up to 15 students are selected each year.

                                     A JCC Stud
Problem Solvingent Ambassador a representative, spokesperson, leader, role model, team player, volunteer, mediator, good communicator, and good listener. approachable, accessible, trustworthy, reliable, confident, humble, honest, open-minded, loyal, and compassionate.

    ...has personal courage and integrity.

   ...knows him or herself and recognizes his or her individual limitations but knows the  power of teamwork.

Student Ambassador Goals

  • Grow as individuals, as a team, and make lifelong connectionsAmbassadors Teambuilding
  • Challenge each other and try new things both personally and professionally
  • Have a successful academic year
  • Maintain a strong commitment to service
  • Motivate other students to better themselves
  • Work and study hard
  • Participate in a minimum of 120 hours of service each semester (campus and outside volunteer requirements)
  • Participate in public speaking opportunities
  • Read a book on leadership and give a team presentation
  • Attend at least four sessions/use resources offered through Academic Skill Center or Career and Transfer Resource Center on campus

For more information about the program or how to apply to be a Student Ambassador, contact Nickie Gregory in the Foundation Office at (919) 209-2222 or