Visitors on Campus

As a public educational institution, the College shall seek to invite and welcome visitors to the main campus and to Off-Campus Centers.

All visitors to the main campus shall be expected to report to the Information Desk in the main lobby of the Wilson Building to be welcomed, provided information materials and directed to the appropriate person or office and associated parking lot.

The College shall not authorize regular visitation by non-students on the main campus or to Off-Campus Centers for purposes of recreation or to visit enrolled students, as such interferes and conflicts with the College’s educational process.

Persons not duly registered as College students shall not be authorized to routinely go onto the College property for purposes of recreation or visitation with enrolled students.

To do so without specific permission shall constitute trespass on College property and shall be deemed as a violation of law.

Repeated visitation by non-students shall be strictly forbidden by the College. As necessary, law enforcement authorities shall be contacted and asked to take appropriate action, as prescribed by law.

In order to maintain a safe and secure environment, all employees shall be expected to help enforce this policy and advise visitors accordingly.