Vehicle Registration & Parking Permits

Parking decals and permits can be obtained from the Campus Security Office or the Information Desk of the Wilson Building.

All motorized vehicles; including automobiles, motorcycles, motor scooters and motorbikes shall be registered at the Campus Security Office.

The following information is required, in order to register for a permit. Fill out the Parking Permit online Registration Form before you arrive at the campus.

  • JCC Student ID Number
  • Last Name
  • License Plate Number
  • Vehicle Year, Color, Make, and Model
  • Bring a valid Vehicle Registration and Driver's License with you when picking up your permit.

Parking warnings and citations may be written for failure to register a vehicle.

Where you may park

  • Student parking permits are valid only in lined spaces that not designated for visitors, handicapped persons, faculty and staff members, etc.
  • Employee/Staff parking permits are valid in designated staff parking areas as well as student parking areas.
  • Work-study students, seasonal/temporary employees, and part-time contracted employees are eligible for student parking and may park in lined spaces only.
  • Contracted employees in full-time positions may be eligible for employee parking.

A student or employee may register up to two (2) vehicles. For those in need of additional permits, a temporary permit may be issued, as needed.

Parking decals should be visible and affixed to the registered vehicle. The person listed on the registration form will be responsible for all parking violations.

  • Student decals must be displayed in the lower left corner of a four-wheel vehicle’s rear window or bumper, or on the back of a two-wheel vehicle.
  • Employee decals are displayed in the lower-left corner of the front windshield.

Replacement decals may be obtained at the Campus Security Office or Information Desk.

Parking decals become invalid under the following conditions:

  • Ownership of the vehicle is transferred to another person or entity.
  • The permittee’s association with the College terminates.
  • The time period for which the permit is issued expires.
  • The permittee is issued another permit relating to the same vehicle.
  • The permittee’s privilege to park and operate a vehicle is forfeited as a result of the imposition of disciplinary sanctions.
  • The permittee has become a repeat offender by establishing a pattern of abuse of parking privileges by committing three (3) or more traffic or parking violations in an academic year.

Temporary/Visitor Permits

Temporary permits may be issued for up to seven (7) calendar days and may be renewable with legitimate cause.

A temporary permit may be secured from the Campus Security Office and will be valid for the period indicated.

Temporary permits shall be clearly visible and placed on the left side of the dashboard of the vehicle for which they are issued.

Visitors should park in designated visitor parking spaces.

Handicapped Parking Permits

A State-issued handicap parking permit is required in order to park in a designated handicap parking space, pursuant to North Carolina General Statute 20-37.6. 

The College is not authorized to allow vehicles to park in handicap parking spaces without a State-issued permit.