Inclement Weather

The Johnston Community College (JCC) President or designee shall be authorized by the Board of Trustees to be responsible for the official cancellation or delay of classes in the event of adverse weather or other emergencies. 
Unless official announcements are made by JCC to cancel or delay classes, classes shall be considered to be in session. 
In cases of adverse weather, the JCC President may close the college, in which case students or employees shall not be expected to report to campus. 
The JCC President may choose to open the College for employees only. If this is the case, employees shall be expected to use discretion in reporting to work, and employees choosing not to report to work may utilize Annual Leave. 
Note: The College does not follow the same delay/cancellation schedules as Johnston County Schools. 

Public Announcements

If classes are officially canceled or delayed, JCC will communicate the information accordingly through:

Class Cancellations

Curriculum Instruction and Continuing Education classes, which are missed or not held for any reason including as a result of adverse weather, shall be rescheduled or the instruction made-up by some other alternative: e.g., extra class sessions, extended class sessions or other options approved by the College’s administration.