College Photo IDs

The student photo identification card is provided to each student and is made in the College library or Student Success Center. Students need a driver's license or state-issued photo identification card and a copy of their current class schedule in order to obtain a JCC student ID card. There is a $5 replacement fee for lost cards.

The student ID card serves as the College library card and no materials will be issued without one. The ID card is also required for student functions on campus. Students should carry their ID card with them at all times. Campus Police and Security personnel or any College official may ask a student to show his or her ID card at any time while on campus or at any activity sponsored by the school off campus. If the student fails to show proper identification, the College official may ask the student to leave campus.

The employee identification card is provided to each employee and is made in the Campus Security Office. Employees need appropriate documentation from the Office of Human Resources in order to obtain a JCC employee ID card.  A fee may be applied for lost cards.