Writing Intensive Course Development

A Writing Intensive Course (WIC) incorporates writing assignments that facilitate student learning in specific disciplines. These courses reinforce and extend the skills students develop in English courses and ensure that students write in varying contexts for various audiences.

Writing Intensive Training 

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Benefits of Writing Across the Curriculum

Writing helps students retain information. Writing in different disciplines reinforces the writing skills students have already developed and extends those skills into new areas. Writing allows instructors new ways to assess student learning.

Writing Intensive Course Criteria


  • Will be capped at an enrollment of 22 students.
  • Will require a total of 3,000 words, approximately 15 pages.
  • Will include both high and low stakes writing assignments.
  • Will involve peer review.
  • Will require writing assignments throughout the semester.
  • Will include required elements on the syllabus
    • Include the WI (Writing Intensive) indicator next to the course section.  For instance: PHI 240 – W01 (WI)
    • Include the following statement under Course Format:
      This is a [traditional/online/hybrid] course that has adopted a writing intensive component in support of the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) at JCC, which requires students to produce at least 3,000 words in written work.  As a writing intensive course, [Course Number] is a part of the QEP that places emphasis on student writing at the college and contributes to the 'X' hour Writing Intensive requirement by the Institution.    Classes will meet [face to face on the JCC main campus.  Classes will meet ______ Building ________ room __________ / online]. 
    • Specify writing assignments on syllabus's daily outline
    • Specify required writing under Grading Evaluation on the syllabus.

WIC Instructors...

  • Will participate in professional development for WICs the semester prior to implementation.
  • Will provide feedback to students at multiple points in the writing process.
  • Will utilize the portfolio method for developing, revising, and assessing student writing.

WIC Implementation Schedule

WIC Implementation Schedule
Program Cohort Potential Courses Develop and Pilot Implement
Cohort A: Arts and Sciences All English Courses
PHI 240, Introduction to Ethics
COM 231, Public Speaking
HIS 111, World Civilizations I
2012-2013 2013-2014
Cohort B: Health, Wellness,
& Human Services
EDU 144, Child Development I
NUR 212, Health System Concepts
2014-2015 2015-2016
Cohort C: Business,
Public Services & Technology
Economic & Community
ISC 112, Industrial Safety
BUS 260, Business Communications
2015-2016 2016-2017