Jaguars Unite Mentoring Program (JUMP)

Whether you’re looking to earn a credential, transfer to a university, or just get your educational journey underway, JUMP is a great opportunity for first-year students! Get one-on-one encouragement and guidance from a dedicated and trained staff or faculty member during your first year at JCC.

What You Get:

  • Help setting clear and achievable goals for academic, professional, and personal development.
  • Exclusive invitations to JUMP events, including a celebratory dinner with family and friends at the end of your first year!
  • Support and a listening ear during challenging times that promotes mental well-being and a growth mindset.
  • Skill-building opportunities that will help further your academic and professional journey.

Fill out the Participation Form to be matched with a mentor!

What We Expect:

  • Meet with your mentor four times each semester (fall and spring). Mentors will also send check-in emails to make sure things are going well. You can always meet more with your mentor—it’s up to you!
  • Come to meetings sharing updates on progress, challenges, and achievements. Remember mentor-mentee communication is a two-way street and we want to know how to help.
  • If your mentor is not a good fit for you, stay with us! Reach out to the JUMP Coordinator, Amanda Zekanis, and you will be matched with a new mentor.

Here are some mentee quotes from our pilot semester, Spring 2024:

[MENTOR] “was able to give me a professional recommendation on the UNC application and that helped a lot.”


“Any issues that I had, even if my mentor didn't immediately have the information, they would seek it out. There were questions I had for them that they did not have the answers to, but they found out very promptly, followed up with me, and sent emails with the information.”


"[MENTOR] walked me over to TRIO. I met with [STAFF MEMBER] for the first time and kind of got that introduction. Having someone to kind of be the ambassador, lead me into some other program and have that resource was something that definitely stuck out.”


“This [JUMP] kind of helps you navigate the roads of college to understand what programs are available for you and helps you get a better footing in your coursework.”