Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)?

A QEP is a plan for the next five years designed to enhance student learning and/or student success. We dedicate people, time, and resources to setting goals and assessments for the QEP. The QEP is part of the reaffirmation process through our accrediting body, SACSCOC, and its overall purpose is to strengthen the institution and benefit our students. A QEP should further the mission of the institution, be a need informed by assessment and data, and rise out of strategic planning.

What is the topic for JCC’s QEP?

A comprehensive First-Year Experience is the topic, with a focus on advising, understanding campus logistics, and engaging with JCC. The QEP will foster a sense of community and belonging for JCC students with targeted advising practices, processes to better connect students with campus resources, and increased engagement in activities and organizations on campus.

What is the title of JCC’s QEP?

P.A.C.E. Yourself: Progression, Advising, and Campus Engagement in the First Year.

What are the areas targeted by P.A.C.E. Yourself?

P.A.C.E. Yourself is divided into three sections:

On Your Mark—Understanding Advising

Get Set – Getting Acquainted

Go! – Engaging with the Campus

How will P.A.C.E. Yourself Improve student success?

Data across the state and nation have shown that students stay at a college and complete their pathway if they are comprehensively advised, utilize campus resources as appropriate, and engage in activities and leadership opportunities on campus. P.A.C.E. Yourself targets these areas to increase student success and retention in their respective instructional pathways.

What are the specific goals of P.A.C.E. Yourself?

  1. Goal 1: On Your Mark – Understanding Advising: 
    1. Students will recognize the role of academic advising and the relationship between the student and the academic advisor.
    2. Students will associate their chosen program of study and their career goals.
    3. Students will understand the importance of successful completion of gateway courses and complete certain gateway courses within their first year.
  2. Goal 2: Get Set – Getting Acquainted:
    1. Students will utilize resources for academic support, financial support, career readiness, and mental health services on campus as appropriate.
    2. Students will effectively navigate being a college student at JCC.
  3. Goal 3: Go! – Engaging with the Campus: 
    1. Students will identify leadership organizations and opportunities on campus.
    2. Students will participate in activities designed to enhance their personal growth and development.
    3. Students will develop a sense of belonging at JCC.

Does P.A.C.E. Yourself include specific activities for staff and faculty?

Yes. P.A.C.E Yourself will offer professional development opportunities for faculty and staff to promote a sense of belonging and inclusion both in and outside the classroom. These include, but are not limited to, workshops on inclusive teaching, safe space training, and training equitable advising methods.