Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)?
A QEP is a plan for the next five years designed to enhance student learning and/or student success. We dedicate people, time, and resources to setting goals and assessments for the QEP. The QEP is part of the reaffirmation process through our accrediting body, SACSCOC, and its overall purpose is to strengthen the institution and benefit our students. A QEP should further the mission of the institution, be a need informed by assessment and data, and rise out of strategic planning.

What is the topic for JCC’s QEP?
PACE Yourself cultivates student success at JCC through data-informed initiatives focused on first-year progression and gateway course completion. This plan reinforces the importance of early intervention and communication with first-year advisors, professional learning to increase classroom equity and student success, and connection to a faculty or staff member through a mentoring program to increase student progression and retention.

What is the title of JCC’s QEP?
PACE Yourself

How will PACE Yourself Improve student success?
Data across the state and nation have shown that students stay at a college and complete their pathway if they are supported both academically and non-academically. PACE Yourself will address these needs through a variety of new initiatives and processes for first year, full-time students. This includes advising updates, a mentoring program, and professional learning for English and math instructors.

All of these initiatives use the Early Alert and Retention System to make sure students have both academic and non-academic support in their first year. With the student-centered nature of the QEP, PACE Yourself will provide much-needed supports to our first-year students.

What are the specific goals of PACE Yourself?

  1. Improve first year progression.
  2. Increase success in gateway English courses.
  3. Increase success in gateway math courses.

All QEP efforts and initiatives stem from these three goals.

Does PACE Yourself include specific activities for staff and faculty?
Yes. PACE Yourself will provide structured professional learning to gateway English and math faculty along with mentoring training for interested staff and faculty. If you would like to be a mentor, please contact Amanda Zekanis