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Welcome to Writing Resources for Educators. Here you will find a rich set of resources to assist you in your exploration of the QEP at Johnston Community College.  If you wish to make writing a more integral part of your instruction, or if you are interested in current research on best practices in writing instruction, these pages are for you!  Additionally, I am always happy to meet with faculty to discuss specific ways they can incorporate writing into their courses.

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QEP Document
QEP Document (PDF)

The QEP involves multiple enhancements:

  1. Curriculum Enhancements:
    • Articulate and Adopt Principles and Practices of Writing Instruction.
    • Develop and Implement Writing Intensive Courses (WICs) to reinforce and extend writing skills.
    • Adopt the Portfolio Method of Instruction in English and WIC courses.
    • Incorporate the QEP into ACA (Student Success/Orientation).  ACA courses include exposure to the QEP and a library orientation and technology overview. 
    • Assign cornerstone and touchstone essays in DRE 098 & ENG 111.  These uniform assignments improve continuity between foundational study and curriculum English courses. 
  2. Student Resource Enhancements.  Help your students develop their writing by referring them to these resources:

Theoretical and Conceptual Background behind the QEP

WPA outcomes statement for first year composition
This statement describes the common knowledge, skills, and attitudes sought by first year composition programs in American post-secondary education.

Framework for success in post-secondary writing (PDF)
This framework describes the rhetorical and twenty-first century skills as well as habits of mind and experiences that are critical for college success.

CCCC Writing Program Certificate of Excellence
See the criteria for developing a writing program of excellence.

National Council of Teachers of English and the Writing Program Administrators White Paper on Writing ssessment in Colleges and Universities
This white paper is meant to help teachers, administrators and other stakeholders articulate the general positions, values, and assumptions on writing assessment that both the National Council of Teachers of English and the Council of Writing Program Administrators jointly endorse.

Writing Now: a Policy Research Brief Produced by the National Council of Teachers of English(PDF)
This document describes research-based approaches to writing and writing instruction that aim to prepare fluent and flexible writers for writing tasks and genres we cannot yet predict. The document also addresses a number of myths about writing assignments.

An Introduction to Writing across the Curriculum
This guide offers information about WAC – writing across the curriculum.  You will also find useful information on Writing to Learn, Writing in the Disciplines, structuring collaborative writing assignments, and peer review.

Practical Strategies for your Classroom

Using the portfolio in writing instruction
This article presents the many benefits of using the portfolio in writing instruction, in addition to assessment.

Get Visual: A Technique for Improving Student Writing
The article explores approaches for using design and drawing as aids to composition.

JCC's QEP Self-Paced Modules

Find all of JCC's modules on the QEP here.