QEP Celebration of Writers Conference

JCC Celebration of Writing Spring 2013

Event Agenda

Institute Presentation: Writing for the 4-Year Institution
Cecilia Shelton, Saint Augustine University

Many students are caught off guard by the vast differences between high school writing and writing for the academy.  Even returning students are often taken aback by the intense rigor expected to write well for the college arena.  This presentation is designed to provide students who plan to further their academic careers at the four year institution with helpful tips and ideas for what it takes to be successful as a student writer at the four year institution.

Institute Presentation: Grassroots: Building your Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Program from the Faculty Up
Jessica Saxon and Quincy Lieske, Craven Community College

Craven Community College's Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program began in fall 2010 with two inexperienced WAC chairs... us.  By borrowing good ideas from other colleges and by brainstorming our own ideas (and by not freaking out too much at the enormity of the task at hand), we have laid the groundwork for a new WAC program at Craven.  The lessons we have learned in our first year (and counting) may be useful for colleges who are starting or relaunching a WAC program.  In our session, we will discuss our various attempts to create a grassroots WAC movement by engaging faculty through professional development workshops, portable units, and a cohort as well as trying to launch a Writing Center.  Join us as we talk about our successes and our challenges.