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When students enroll for a telecourse, videos are checked out from Johnston Community College Library. Faculty interacts with students through a combination of on-campus orientations, written assignments, electronic mail, postal service, or Blackboard.

What is a telecourse?

A telecourse is a complete and integrated instructional system that generally includes television programs, a textbook, and a variety of other instructional materials designed to be used by the student as the principal components of a college course.

What are the course requirements?

You must:

  • register and pay tuition for the course
  • use the textbooks and instructional materials along with viewing the broadcast lessons
  • complete all tests, assignments, and evaluations
  • attend on-campus sessions

How do telecourses work?

Students generally check out sets of telecourse tapes from the JCC Library. The tapes are kept for one semester and then returned to the Library. Testing for telecourses is conducted in the JCC Academic Skills Center with the exception of those students at a significant distance from JCC. In those cases, a local proctor is assigned to the student.

Are telecourses for you?

  • Telecourses give students greater freedom of scheduling, but they can require more self-discipline than on-campus classes.
  • Telecourses often do not provide much opportunity for interaction with the instructor or other students.
  • Telecourses require you to work from written directions without face-to-face instructions.
  • It may take as long as two weeks to get comments back by mail from your instructor.
  • Telecourses require at least as much time as on-campus courses.
  • Telecourses frequently use technology for teaching and communications.
  • Print materials are the primary source of directions and information in telecourses.
  • All telecourses require some on-campus work:  orientations, review sessions, or exams.  Student schedule flexibility is important.
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