Writing Studio Policy

The Writing Studio provides a student-centered facility to strengthen student writing in all areas, not just writing-related courses.

Sessions include small group work of as many as 5-6 students as well as individual mentoring appointments.
Small group work involves regular meetings, generally once each week.
Individual sessions address a student’s specific needs in writing.

Writing Studio facilitators and peer mentors promote student learning rather than simply editing or correcting and emphasize the writing process, not just the final product. This involves talking and collaborating with students.

Learning is student-centered, based on helping students to understand writing and grammar concepts within the context of their own writing. Sessions are tailored to individual students' strengths, weaknesses, learning styles, affective needs, and language proficiency.

Help us meet our mission and goals!
Please complete a brief evaluation of the Writing Studio after each visit.

What we Do and Don’t Do in the Writing Studio

These behaviors are consistent with our purpose and philosophy.

  • A Writing Studio session is a collaboration, an opportunity for a facilitator or mentor and a student to work together to achieve a common goal, so we should engage the student in a dialogue.
  • We will make every effort to offer encouragement and support while at the same time not inflating praise or otherwise leading students to believe that an essay cannot or should not be improved.
  • We are willing to help students with every part of the writing process: brainstorming for ideas, constructing a thesis, clustering and outlining, drafting, revising, and polishing.
  • We will encourage students to recognize that they are writing for a public and academic audience, that they must gear their essays toward the academic discipline and class for which the work is being prepared.
  • We recognize that writing grammatically correct sentences is an essential requirement in academic communities, but we also recognize that there is far more to writing a compelling and effective essay than merely avoiding surface errors.

There are behaviors that are directly opposed to our goals. This is what we will not do:

  • We will not write essays or parts of essays for students. We will not write on student essays.
  • We do not provide a "proofreading" service. If a student asks to "drop off" an essay and have us proofread and polish it, we will explain politely that our job is to work with students to help them improve their writing, not to do the work for them.
  • We will not speculate on grades for any piece of writing or suggest that any given work ought to earn a high or low grade. Instead, we will explain that in academic communities grading is up to the instructor.
  • We will never make disparaging remarks about a teacher or an assignment, or in any other way undermine the authority of a faculty member.
  • We will never make disparaging remarks about the students we assist. We will treat all students with respect.