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Student Support Services Counseling

There are many types of counseling available; can you identify with Jane, John or Cindy below?

Personal Counseling

Jane is experiencing trouble at home. She argues with her husband and his drinking has increased. She sometimes yells at her children when they do not deserve it. On top of that, she struggles with getting her homework completed. She feels as though she’s getting lost and she’s ready to give up on her lifelong goal of obtaining her college degree. She decides to visit her SSS counselor and finds that with support and encouragement she will make it. It only took someone listening and suggesting a few solutions.


Academic Counseling

John has trouble understanding how to register for classes. What is WebAdvisor? How do you read the schedule for classes? What does all this new information mean? He has no clue what to take next semester or even if he’s taken the right courses so far. John isn’t sure of what he wants to do. He comes to SSS very frustrated and unsure, but leaves proud of his achievements and excited about where he’s going next.


Career Counseling

Cindy wants to be a nurse. Cindy discovers that nurses must learn quite a bit of science and that is not her strongest subject area. Cindy decides to change her program of study to Medical Assisting, but then she thinks she might want to transfer to a four-year college to become a teacher. There are so many choices. Mary decides to make an appointment with SSS to find our what her strengths and weaknesses are, what jobs are available in the area, and what jobs pay the most money.


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