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Reportable Communicable Disease

Students and employees of Johnston Community College who may be infected with a reportable communicable disease, as defined by the North Carolina Division of Health Services, will not be excluded from enrollment or employment, or restricted in their access to college services or facilities, unless medically-based judgments in individual cases establish that exclusion or restriction is necessary to the welfare of the individual, other members of the College community, or others associated with the instruction through clinical, intern, laboratory or other such experiences, involving the general public.

Persons who know, or have reasonable basis for believing, that they are infected are expected to seek expert advice about their health circumstances and are obligated, ethically and legally, to conduct themselves responsibly in accordance with such knowledge for the protection of others.

Persons who know that they are infected are urged to share that information with the department chair or faculty advisor and the vice president of student services so that the College can assist in the appropriate response to their health and educational needs. Such information will be disclosed only to responsible officials of the College on a strictly limited, need-to-know basis, unless the individual consents in writing to release of the information to others.

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