Application Instructions

New or stop-out CCP students begin at Step 1. Currently enrolled CCP students begin at Step 4.

Step 1

Apply to JCC

  • Entrance Status: Career and College Promise

  • Program of Study: Your chosen CCP Pathway (Transfer or CTE)

          Before selecting a program of study, make sure you have reviewed the eligibility requirements

  • Retain confirmation number

Step 2

Print and sign the JCC Application Agreement Statement (both student and parent signatures)

Step 3

Contact your CCP representative to schedule a meeting to provide the following:

  • JCC Application Agreement Statement

  • Transcript and test scores

  • Principal Recommendation Letter (if applicable)

  • Homeschool name and identification number (homeschool students)

  • Signature of CCP Representative (non-JCPS students)

  • JCC student placement NCDAP assessment (students who have not taken a college readiness assessment)

Step 4

Complete the CCP Student Eligibility Form before the deadline

Step 5

Schedule an advising appointment

Printable Application Instructions