A-Z Program of Study List

Johnston Community College offers associate degrees, certificates and diplomas in more than 40 programs of study. The table below includes the programs JCC offers and the corresponding state Program Code and Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP).

Program Code CIP Code
Accounting Degree A25100 52.0301
Accounting Diploma D25100 52.0301
Accounting CCP Diploma D25100H 52.0301
Payroll Accounting Clerk Certificate C25100C1 52.0301
Computerized Accounting Certificate C25100C2 52.0301
Income Tax Preparer Certificate C25100C3 52.0301
Governmental Accounting Certificate C25100C4 52.0301
Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology  
Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology Degree A35100 47.0201
Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology Diploma D35100  47.0201
Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology CCP Diploma D35100H 47.0201
Heat Pumps Certificate C35100C2  47.0201
Controls Certificate C35100C3  47.0201
Comfort Cooling Certificate C35100C4  47.0201
Servicing Certificate C35100C5  47.0201
All-Year Systems Certificate C35100C7  47.0201
Associate Degree Nursing  
Associate Degree Nursing  A45110  51.3801
Associate in Arts  
Associate in Arts Degree A10100 24.0101
Associate in Engineering  
Associate in Engineering Degree A10500 14.0102
Associate in General Education  
Associate in General Education Degree A10300 24.0199
Associate in Science  
Associate in Science Degree A10400 24.0101
Basic Law Enforcement Training  
Basic Law Enforcement Training Certificate C55120 43.0107
Bioprocess Technology  
Bioprocess Technology Degree A50440 15.0613
Bioprocess Technology CCP Diploma D50440H 15.0613
Bioprocess Technology Certificate C50440 15.0613
Business Administration  
Business Administration Degree A25120 52.0201
Business Administration Diploma D25120 52.0201
Business Administration CCP Diploma D25120H 52.0201
Introduction to Business Administration Certificate C25120C1 52.0201
Intermediate Business Administration Certificate C25120C2 52.0201
College Transfer Pathway
 CCP AA Transfer Pathway  P1012C  24.0101
 CCP AS Transfer Pathway  P1042C  24.0101
 CCP AE Transfer Pathway  P1052C  14.0102
Community Spanish Interpreter  
Community Spanish Interpreter Degree A55370 16.0103
Community Spanish Interpreter Diploma D55370 16.0103
Community Spanish Interpreter CCP Diploma D55370H 16.0103
Spanish Language Certificate C55370C1 16.0103
Spanish Interpreter Certificate C55370C2 16.0103
Medical Community Spanish Interpreter Certificate C55370C4 16.0103
Computed Tomography Imaging  
Computed Tomography Imaging Certificate C45200 51.0999
Computer-Integrated Machining    
Computer-Integrated Machining Degree A50210 48.0503
Computer-Integrated Machining Diploma D50210 48.0503
Computer-Integrated Machining CCP Diploma D50210H 48.0503
Manual Machining Certificate C50210C1 48.0503
CNC Certificate C50210C2 48.0503
Cosmetology Degree A55140 12.0401
Cosmetology Diploma D55140 12.0401
Cosmetology CCP Diploma D55140H 12.0401
Cosmetology Instructor Certificate C55160 12.0413
Criminal Justice Technology    
Criminal Justice Technology Degree A55180 43.0104
Criminal Justice Technology (CCP Diploma) D55180H 43.0104
Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence    
Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence Degree A5518A 43.0106
Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence CCP Diploma D5518AH 43.0106
Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology    
Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology Degree A60460 47.0613
Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology Diploma D60460 47.0613
Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology CCP Diploma D60460H 47.0613
Engine Concentration Certificate C60460C1 47.0613
Electrical Concentration Certificate C60460C2 47.0613
Power Train Concentration Certificate C60460C3 47.0613
Electronics Concentration Certificate C60460C4 47.0613
Early Childhood Education    
Early Childhood Education Degree A55220 13.1210
Early Childhood Education Diploma D55220 13.1210
Early Childhood Education CCP Diploma D55220H 13.1210
Infant/Toddler Care Certificate C55290 19.0706
School-Age Care Certificate C55450 13.1202
Early Childhood Administration Certificate C55850 13.0401
Early Childhood Preschool Certificate C55860 13.1209
Emergency Medical Science    
Emergency Medical Science Degree A45340 51.0904
Emergency Medical Science CCP Certificate C45340H 51.0904
Fire Protection Technology    
Fire Protection Technology Degree A55240 43.0201
Fire Protection Technology CCP Diploma D55240H 43.0201
Fire Management Certificate C55240C1 43.0201
Fire Investigation Certificate C55240C2 43.0201
Industrial Systems Technology    
Industrial Systems Technology Degree A50240 15.0499
Industrial Systems Technology Diploma D50240 15.0499
Industrial Systems Technology CCP Diploma D50240H 15.0499
Advanced Maintenance Procedures Certificate C50240C2 15.0499
Basic Electrical Certificate C50240C3 15.0499
Information Technology    
Information Technology Degree A25590 11.0103
Information Technology Diploma D25590 11.0103
Information Technology CCP Diploma D25590H 11.0103
Network Foundation Certificate C25590C1 11.0103
Operating Systems Foundation Certificate C25590C2 11.0103
Networking Specialist I Certificate C25590C3 11.0103
Networking Specialist II Certificate C25590C4 11.0103
Magnetic Resonance Imaging    
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Degree A45800 51.0920
Mammography Certificate C45830 51.0919
Medical Assisting    
Medical Assisting Degree A45400 51.0801
Medical Assisting Diploma D45400 51.0801
Medical Assisting CCP Diploma D45400H 51.0801
Medical Office Administration    
Medical Office Administration Degree A25310 51.0705
Medical Office Administration Diploma D25310 51.0705
Medical Office Administration CCP Diploma D25310H 51.0705
Medical Adminstrative Specialist Certificate C25310C1 51.0705
Medical Records Technician Certificate C25310C2 51.0705
Health Insurance Specialist Certificate C25310C4 51.0705
Nurse Aide    
Nurse Aide Certificate C45840 51.3902
Office Administration    
Office Administration Degree A25370 52.0204
Office Administration Diploma D25370 52.0204
Office Administration CCP Diploma D25370H 52.0204
Office Administration Certificate C25370C1 52.0204
Office Technology Design Certificate C25370C2 52.0204
Paralegal Technology    
Paralegal Technology Degree A25380 22.0302
Paralegal Technology CCP Diploma D25380H 22.0302
General Law Office Certificate C25380 22.0302
Pharmacy Technology    
Pharmacy Technology Degree A45580 51.0805
Pharmacy Technology Diploma D45580 51.0805
Pharmacy Technology CCP Diploma D45580H 51.0805
Radiography Degree A45700 51.0911
Sonography - Cardiovascular    
Cardiovascular Sonography Degree A45160 51.0999
Sonography - Medical    
Medical Sonography Degree A45440 51.0910
Therapeutic & Diagnostic Services    
Nurse Aide Diploma D45970 51.3902
Nurse Aide CCP Diploma D45970H 51.3902
Pharmacy Technology CCP Diploma D45940H 51.0805
Phlebotomy CCP Diploma D45950H 51.1009
Therapeutic Massage    
Therapeutic Massage Degree A45750 51.3501
Therapeutic Massage Diploma D45750 51.3501
Massage Therapy I Certificate C45750 51.3501
Massage Therapy II Certificate C45750C2 51.3501
Truck Driver Training    
Truck Driver Training Certificate C60300 49.0205
Welding Technology    
Welding Technology Degree A50420 48.0508
Welding Technology Diploma D50420 48.0508
Welding Technology CCP Diploma D50420H 48.0508
MIG Certificate C50420C1 48.0508
Stick Certificate C50420C2 48.0508
TIG Certificate C50420C3 48.0508
Basic Welding Certificate C50420C5 48.0508