CMS Judging Criteria

Vocal Ability: 1 – 20 (20 is the highest)

  • Does the singer stay on pitch?
  • Is the voice pleasing to the ear (not piercing)?
  • Is the singer in their song? Sometimes a "bad" voice still sounds good if used well.
  • Does the voice have a likeable character? And, does the singer recognize it and use it to their song's best advantage?
  • Does the singer stay with the music?
  • Do we like their voice?

Stage Presence: 1 - 10 (10 is the highest)

  • Is the performer comfortable on stage?
  • Do they connect with the audience?
  • Do they pace or wander aimlessly?
  • On an upbeat high energy song - do they smile? If it's sad, are they still smiling?
  • Do they command a strong stage presence. Nothing to do with movement alone, or even eye contact. It has something to do with how we feel when we see them perform. It's easy to see when it happens.

Appropriateness of Music, choosing the right song: 1 - 10(10 is the highest)

  • Is the song selection appropriate to their voice?
  • Is it too high or too low for them?
  • Does the song selection fit their voice?
  • Does it suit them somehow?
  • Does it fit the show?

Appearance: 1 - 10 (10 is the highest)

  • Did the performer prepare for the audition or just show up and wing it?
  • The appearance and dress should suit the performance. 

Entertainment Value: 1 - 10(10 is the highest)

  •  In our opinion, was the performer fun to watch and listen to?
  •  Can the performer captivate an audience?
  •  Did the performer enjoy their 90 seconds on stage or were they ready for it to end?