Networking Students Compete Well in NetRiders

Published: June 14, 2016

netridersstudentsParticipation in the competition was a first for JCC.

Three JCC networking students competed for the first time in the Cisco NetRiders competition and achieved great results.

Andrew Pobrica, 19, of Four Oaks made it to the third round of competition in the Cisco Certified Networking Associate, or CCNA, level and finished 17th for the U.S. and Canada. Pobrica is a student in the networking associate degree program.

Abe Flores, 18, of Clayton competed in the first and second round at the Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician, or CCENT, level, and scored 26th out of the top 249 competitors. He was the top scorer for North Carolina. Flores is a Johnston County Early College student.

Analiz Vasquez, 20, of Wendell placed in the top 12 in North Carolina in the CCENT level. She was unable to compete in the second round due to a death in the family.

David Oliver, lead networking instructor at JCC, said the students were able to compete thanks to recent bandwidth upgrades to the college's student network.

"Andrew, Abe, and Analiz all placed in the first round and competed very well," said David Oliver, lead networking instructor at JCC. "This was the first time JCC has competed in the Cisco NetRiders competition. These students volunteered their time to take the tests and practice tests, and we are so proud of their hard work."

Cut line: Pictured from left are networking students Andrew Pobrica and Abe Flores with lead networking instructor David Oliver.

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