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Criminal Investigation

Course Dates: October 14-16
Course Objectives:
  • Identify the seven purposes of a criminal investigation
  • Identify the qualities of a successful investigator
  • Correctly identify the six steps in a c rimes scene management
  • Identify the advantages and dis advantages of digital photography
  • List the techniques of recording statements
  • List the three parts of a witness/suspect statement
  • Identify the three types of verbal deception
  • List the eight steps of the interview process
  • Name several of the common actions done in the follow-up portion of an investigation
  • List the elements present at a crime scene that identify the modus operandi of an investigations
  • Describe the four ways to identify a suspect
  • Identify the components of an informant management system
  • Given a hypothetical set of facts, answer 10 questions of the investigative process


For more information, contact:

Kevin N. Driver
BLET School Director
(919) 464-2352
Steven Godwin
Law Enforcement Qualified Assistant
(919) 464-2362
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