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Wildlife Enthusiasts & Educator Workshops

These unique workshops are designed to impart natural history and provide practical, hands-on, field work experience. You will get a chance to experience simple field techniques used in ecological and natural resource management studies, contribute data to the Howell Woods species database and have a great adventure. The target audience is adults who are curious and enjoy learning about the natural world, share their knowledge with others and support wildlife conservation. Check our program schedule on the website or call and talk with a staff member about when each workshop is offered.

Ornithology- Learn the basic skills to perform or assist with a variety of bird monitoring and survey programs. Topics include bird identification and natural history, an introduction to mist netting and bird banding, nest box monitoring, bird feeding and its use in conservation and conducting avian surveys. You will actually assist the staff as they conduct bird banding, a nocturnal avian survey and check nest boxes for wood ducks, prothonotary warblers and bluebirds.

Nocturnal Wildlife –You will receive hands-on experience with the following field survey techniques: observation, tracking/scent stations, vocalization, spotlighting, animal sign and remote trip cameras.

Habitats- Of the 2800 + acres that make up Howell Woods over 1,600 acres are bottomland hardwood forests, over 600 acres are mixed hardwood/pine forests, nearly 400 acres are pine forests (both longleaf and loblolly type), and nearly 100 acres are early succession habitat.

This workshop will familiarize you with these habitats, their unique differences, and the intricate interrelationships and unique adaptations exhibited by the plants and animals found within them.

Amphibians-You will receive hands-on experience with the following field survey techniques: visual observation, vocalizations, pit-fall traps, drift fences, cover boards, egg searches, netting and spotlighting.

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