Giving Opportunities

There are many ways for you to give to the Johnston Community College Foundation.

The Excellence Fund

Our Excellence Fund Appeal is the mainstay of our philanthropic efforts each year. The stronger our Annual Fund support, the better equipped the College Foundation is to provide funds to assure an exceptional educational environment for students and to address urgent needs. Annual gifts may be made once a year or as part of monthly or bimonthly pledges and may be unrestricted or directed at identified programs and priorities.

Annual gifts touch every corner of the campus and impact the entire student population – both today and in the future. Current gifts are often referred to as "outright gifts" and represent one of the most common ways that donors direct their giving support to the College Foundation.

To make an Excellence Fund donation, please go to:

Named Annual Scholarship
The College Foundation would be pleased to set up a naming opportunity for you to award an annual scholarship to one or more deserving students. While any amount is gratefully accepted and appreciated, a commitment of $500 per year for at least four years enables the scholarship to be appropriately named and acknowledged. As with a Named Endowed Scholarship, you can set forth the scholarship criteria and even be involved in selecting the criteria for the award.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is not only for the very wealthy or for individuals in retirement. The choices in asset packages can complement the personal and financial objectives of most anyone and his or her family. Various financial methods have been developed that provide distinct advantages.

You can set aside a portion of your estate and become a member of our Rudolph Ashworth Howell Legacy Society. Some of the most popular ways you can provide a charitable contribution through estate planning include:

Bequests are a way to include gifts of cash, life insurance, retirement assets, or securities. If such assets are not needed, such can be used for a leadership gift to the College and yield substantial personal tax savings. Bequests can be especially meaningful because they provide long-term support that strengthens the College’s ability to meet future challenges. Bequests are typically made and affirmed in one’s will, trust, or estate plan, and they can be changed over the years, as may be necessary to reflect different commitments.

Knowing of your bequest, enables the College Foundation to acknowledge and recognize your asset gift legacy and plan for the future.

Charitable Gift Annuities
Annuities become a popular way for a donor to benefit the College while receiving an income for life, along with significant tax advantages. As the donor, you can have the payments begin now or postpone them for payout at a future time.
Charitable Remainder Trusts
Trusts are a legal agreement that specifies how the assets placed will be managed. This approach is an attractive way to achieve a variety of goals as a donor, while providing income for life -- as well as knowing that after your lifetime, the remaining assets will be used exactly as you specified. The trust can be set up as a unitrust in which the income fluctuates annually with the market value; or the trust can be an annuity in which income payments are fixed and as determined when you make the gift.

Regardless of the best form, the most worthwhile way to approach your estate planning is the one that works best for the donor – depending upon your needs and objectives.

Property Gifts

Giving can occur when the donor decides to offer various personal properties to the College Foundation:

Consumable Property
These gifts are intended to be consumed or used by the College, such as office supplies, office equipment, construction materials, maintenance supplies, landscaping materials, or technical equipment for instructional purposes.
In-Kind Property
These gifts are intended to offset costs now assumed by the College such as construction or landscaping materials, equipment, or major supplies.
Asset Property
These gifts, such as real estate, art collections, jewelry, antiques, used automobiles, life insurance, or other tangible items are intended to be presented for their monetary value or as part of an estate plan. Such gifts are typically sold by the College or College Foundation, with the sale monies going to the College Foundation as a cash value contribution. Often, donating such items during your lifetime rather than at death reduces one’s taxable estate and reduces taxable income in the year of the gift.
Gifts of Stocks or Securities
Many donors choose to make outright gifts and pledges in the form of appreciated securities or stocks rather than cash, in order to benefit from the extra tax advantages. Often with donation of such property, the donor can avoid capital gains taxes on the appreciation. In the case of securities which have depreciated, it can be advantageous to sell the funds, take the capital loss for tax purposes, and donate the proceeds to the College Foundation. Your broker can simply transfer the stock from your account to that of the College Foundation, via electronic transfer. Or you can send the certificate to the College Foundation directly with a letter stating the intent of the gift and transfer of stock power.

Memorial or Tribute Giving

Giving support to the College Foundation can occur in the form of a memorial gift or a tribute gift made to honor or memorialize a loved one or a person of special relationship. When words aren’t enough to express your sentiments, we invite you to share your feelings through a commemorative gift.

You might acknowledge a person and their contribution to your life, or that of loved ones, or to celebrate a special occasion such as a birth, birthday, or anniversary. The gift can be a cash donation to the Annual Fund, initiation of a named endowment, or an annual scholarship fund or a directed contribution to a particular need or desire.

Memorial or Tribute Book Gift Program
One alternative is to participate in the Book Gift Program, whether as a memorial or a tribute. The College identifies a list of books that are to be purchased for the Library, and you can select the book of your choice for the gift. The price of the book is below the retail cost. A special and personalized acknowledgment letter is sent to the person or family for whom the book gift is directed, and an inscription plate is also included inside the book cover. This becomes a special way to demonstrate your appreciation.
A listing of tribute books is available in the Library.  For more information, call the Library at 919-209-2101.

We would be pleased to work with you and your family, group, or organization to determine how your interests and desires for a memorial gift or tribute can happen.

Endowment Giving

Establishment of a permanent endowment with the College Foundation is a unique privilege of honor to provide perpetual funding for a valued purpose. The endowment funds are invested by the College Foundation to provide continuing income for the explicit and stated purpose determined by the donor.

There are two types of endowments by the College Foundation:

College Foundation General Endowment Fund
The College Foundation has established a General Endowment Fund for donations that are intended to be used for this sole purpose. This fund assures that there is a stability in the provision of financial assistance for students, who otherwise would not be able to pursue a college education, or other financial needs rather than a heavy reliance upon annual funding appeals.
Named Endowment Funds
Scholarship Fund.  Currently, the College Foundation has established and funded over 75 Named Endowment Scholarships which are fully endowed and funded at or exceeding the $10,000 threshold. In each case, the donor person, family, group, or organization has specifically designated the scholarship and provided the funding so that interest earnings are spent each year in student financial assistance.  The donor can set forth the specific criteria for award of the scholarship within the policy guidelines adopted by the Foundation.

Special Purpose Fund.  A Named Endowment Fund can also be established to provide perpetual funding for gift priorities other than student scholarships. That is, a donor may wish that a fund be initiated to support community/performing arts at the College, high technology equipment, Howell Woods, the Arboretum, student leadership, faculty professional development, or learning resources. Such an endowment fund can become family traditions, with succeeding generations adding to the principal established by the founding donors.

We would be pleased to work with you to determine whether a new Named Endowment would be responsive to your interests and desires and the fund options you might consider.

Corporate and Charitable Foundation Giving

Johnston Community College and the College Foundation have long enjoyed exceptional partnerships with numerous corporations and charitable foundations. Through corporate giving, foundation grants, in-kind property donations, marketing activities, and corporate sponsorships, the business community plays an important role in helping the College Foundation support and advance Johnston Community College and its mission.

The College Foundation has proudly established the Business/Corporate Partners program to recognize and bring public and community attention to the financial, in-kind, sponsorship, and other contributions of businesses and corporations to the advancement of the College and the College Foundation. 

Many opportunities exist for corporations and charitable foundations of all sizes to benefit existing College programs and operations. In addition, many new programs, including cutting-edge technology career programs are in development and in need of the right partners to make them a reality.

Sponsorships for Performing Arts Series
The College Foundation supports the variety of performing arts of the College through the Performing Arts Concert Series and the Country Music Showcase, both of which also provide scholarship funds from annual proceeds. Corporations, as well as individuals, are encouraged to become “Sponsors” of one or more performances as a donation as well as an opportunity for branding and enhancement of the quality of life in our community and region.
Sponsorships for Special Events
The College Foundation hosts several fund-raising and friend-raising events each year and actively seeks corporate sponsorships to defray the costs of holding those events. The Neal Lancaster Charity Golf Classic, the Donor Appreciation/Scholarship Recipient Reception and the Distinguished Citizen of the year event. These become marketing and promotional opportunities, as well as lending corporate identity to extremely worthwhile community events.
Corporate Giving
The College Foundation welcomes direct cash gifts from corporations and businesses which can be designated for certain programs or initiatives or simply assigned as unrestricted gifts.
Property Giving
The College Foundation welcomes gifts of corporate property and assets to be used as consumable property or as in-kind gifts intended to offset costs now assumed by the College. In addition, corporations often have excess equipment, collections, or other tangible assets which can be sold for a cost, and the resulting monies applied as to a donation to the College Foundation.
Matching Gifts
Many employers have matching gift programs, which enable an employee’s contribution to be “matched” by that company. Often the donor can include an employee’s spouse or retired employees, and the gift will still be matched. 
Corporate Employee Appeals
Some employers like to identify one or more nonprofit organizations in their community and develop in-house promotional campaigns to encourage employees to make donations on behalf of that company. Some have competitions between employee groups to build enthusiasm and support.

We would be pleased to work with you and your company, business, or charitable organization to determine what alternatives might be best for you in directing gift support to the College Foundation.

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