Frequently Asked Questions

Gift Support

Why does Johnston Community College need private gifts and contributions?
Private philanthropy is and will continue to be what transforms a good college into an extraordinary one.  At Johnston Community College, philanthropy allows the College's visionary leadership to focus on creating a truly outstanding center of learning excellence for benefit to the community and region.
Isn't the College publicly supported?
While supported publicly, the State does not provide funds for start-up of new programs, monies to purchase high-tech equipment, or dollars to support targeted opportunities or respond to creative and progressive teaching initiatives. We must seek private gifts and donor support to maintain and expand desired programs and services – and provide scholarship assistance. And as a public community college, the historical under-funding will continue as greater numbers of students, especially part-time adult students, further tax the College’s service and support resources.
Since tuition is low for a community college, compared to a public/private university, why is there still a need for scholarship assistance?
Most of our students are self-supporting and as adults are place-bound. Johnston Community College is truly their only alternative for higher education. Many students are single parents or working full-time while juggling family and other economic responsibilities. A gift of $250 for many students is the difference in continuing to pursue their career dream or not continuing at all. A scholarship of even $250 has a tremendous impact, in comparison to such a gift award toward the tuition of a private or public university. Indirectly, your financial gift helps improve the economy and enhance the quality of life for the entire region.

College Foundation

What is the College Foundation?
As a tax exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization, the College Foundation operates exclusively to promote the College’s educational, cultural and recreational purposes. Founded in 1982, the College Foundation works with the College president and development professionals to coordinate private giving to the College – identifying, receiving, and managing gifts and financial resources from private sources to the College. The Laws of North Carolina authorize the Board of Trustees to establish such an entity to gather private fund support.
How is the College Foundation accountable?
Maintaining public trust is central to the mission of the College Foundation – and its highest priority. Information about College Foundation bylaws, policies, activities, events, financial statements, and other matters are openly discussed while maintaining confidentiality. The College Foundation meets a myriad of regulatory requirements governing operations as well as an annual audit by a licensed and professional certified public accounting firm.
Who runs the College Foundation?
Currently there are 35 members of the Board of Directors, who independently govern operations. Elected by their peers, the members represent corporate, business, and public service leadership positions within our community and region. The College President, three members of the Board of Trustees and alumni, faculty and student representatives serve as well along with several Emeritus and Honorary members. All directors serve on the Foundation without compensation, while working cooperatively to advance the Foundation’s vision and the College.
What funds are now administered by the College Foundation?
The assets of the College Foundation are over $4 million. Each year the Foundation administers about $200,000 in scholarship awards and maintains more than 85 different endowments, and the amount and number grow each year. These student grants are in addition to federal and state funds that are available and vital to the students at the College, many of whom could not attend without this support.  The scholarships enable the Foundation to reach out to self-supporting and other students who struggle financially yet want a college education.
Why give to a College Foundation?
Gifts made to the College Foundation for the benefit of Johnston Community College are voluntary investments from individuals, corporations, and philanthropic foundations. Often, donors are simply more comfortable contributing their assets through the College Foundation, a private corporation that is accountable to them, than to a state agency. The structure legally preserves the private nature of the gifts. The Foundation gives donors additional confidence that their gifts will be fully used in accordance with their wishes and to enhance rather than replace state and other public support funding.

Gift Appeals

Why make an Annual Appeal?
Our Annual Appeal is the main stay of our annual fundraising. The stronger our Annual Fund support, the better equipped the College is to provide an excellent educational environment for students and to address urgent needs. Gift contributions go directly into the College Foundation to be directed to identified programs and priorities. Annual gifts touch every corner of the Johnston Community College campus and impact the entire student population both today and in the future. The Annual Appeal is an opportunity for citizens to share in an investment that helps make our community, county, and state a better place in which to live and work.
What happens to my donations?
You, as the donor, can specify programs to directly benefit from your gift as a “restricted” or “directed” gift. Many donors do not specify how they want their gifts to be used, and that enables the College and College Foundation to apply the funds where most needed as “unrestricted” gifts. The College typically uses such funds for student scholarships and books, as well as to support educational programs and numerous other margin of excellence initiatives for which funding is not available.
Can I provide monthly or semiannual gift support?
Indeed, we would welcome your pledge of support for regular or periodic gift payments to the College Foundation. We will acknowledge your recurring contributions and your total each year, and of course, you can change or cancel you contributions at any time or redirect the purpose.
Do faculty and staff support the Foundation?
Each year the faculty and staff participate in the Annual Appeal through an annual gift/pledge or through ongoing payroll deduction. In fact, several employees have established Named Endowment Funds, Named Annual Scholarships, or Special Purpose Funds; others serve on the College Foundation Board of Directors and/or volunteer their time and talents to support Foundation events and programs and generate gift support.

Use of Donations

How much of my gift actually goes to the College?
Indeed, your entire gift donation goes to the College? The College Foundation budgets a conservative amount of its annual funds to support recurring development expenses, and all members of the Board of Directors serve without compensation. Many services and materials are donated and in-kind gifts are readily applied. None of your gift investment goes toward salaries, office space, utilities, or technology overhead costs.
What are Named Endowment Funds?
An endowed fund provides a permanent source of funding for specific student academic, need-based, and other financial assistance or special purpose you designate. Since the endowment’s principal is preserved and only the corpus interest is expended annually, the funds are perpetual. The assets are invested according to the Foundation’s Investment Policy, and the fund growth is professionally managed and tracked for donors.
Can I create a Named Annual Scholarship Award
The College Foundation has established a program whereby you can create a Named Annual Scholarship – memorial or tribute – for a minimum of a $500 commitment for four years. In addition, you can make an annual award without a naming opportunity. Awards can be made in the fall and/or spring semesters, and there is a variety of criteria to consider in specifying the award and its distribution.  The scholarship can be based on financial need and/or directed to academic achievement, leadership, or other award basis.
What support does the College receive from the Foundation?
In addition to all of the direct support in the form of student scholarships, at over $200,000 annually, the Foundation directs $35,000 annually to be allocated to the College for academic enrichment and learning resources, $15,000 in direct awards to faculty and staff for special projects, program enhancements, and faculty/staff recognition and another $10,000 for learning resources. There are over 30 different special purpose funds established by the Foundation – other than scholarship funds – directed at identified needs. Altogether in 2007, the Foundation provided over $330,000 in direct support to the College.
Are all gifts tax deductible?
Gifts to the College Foundation are indeed tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. For major asset gifts, the College staff works with the donor’s tax attorney, financial advisors, and others to arrive at a gifting plan that builds upon all allowable deductions and gift incentives.

Making a Gift to the College

Why don't we just make our gift to the College rather than the College Foundation?
The Board of Trustees has set forth the Foundation as the entity by which all gifts - financial, equipment, in-kind, materials - to the College can and should be directed. This assures proper stewardship of the assets. Any gift, however, which you might choose to make to the College, such as to a particular department or program, will indeed be directed to the College and to that specified department or program.
How can I make a financial gift?
Individuals, couples, corporations, and other organizations may contribute cash through an annual or recurring gift or via a pledge. Gifts may be as cash through a check, bank draft, or credit card. Gifts may be appreciated securities or personal asset property. Planned gifts can include charitable trusts, gift annuities, bequests, or paid life insurance and various tax estate plans.
Where do I send my gift?
Please make your check payable to the Johnston Community College Foundation or to JCC Foundation and send to:

JCC Foundation

Post Office Box 2350

Smithfield, NC 27577

A printable form is available for you to fill out and mail in.

What are matching gifts?
Matching gifts are company-donated contributions that match the gifts made by their employees or employee spouses, thereby doubling or even tripling the value of the overall gift. The College will be pleased to work with you and your firm’s human resources department or other authorized representatives to arrange for the matching gifts.  The Foundation regularly encourages employers to provide matching gift support.
How much should I give to the College?
The size of your gift is entirely up to you. Contributions of all amounts are vital and are gratefully accepted and secured. Your investment goes to work immediately and has lasting impact.
What about a credit card gift?
You may certainly charge your gift or pledge payment to MasterCard or VISA. Your donation will be secure and convenient. Be sure to include your credit card number, expiration date, and the name under which the card is issued on your pledge form.

A secure form is available for you to fill out and submit online if using a credit card.

Other Kinds of Gifts to the College

What about gifts of property, stocks, bonds, or equipment?
The College Foundation welcomes property gifts, including real estate, collections, securities, or other assets which are typically sold for the cash equivalent value. A donor may generally take a tax deduction contribution equal to the fair market value of the goods, property, or securities gifted. Equipment donations are welcomed either for priority use within the college or as asset property.  In-kind equipment and other donations are highly prized and relieve the College's already tight operating and capital budgets.
How do I make a gift in honor or memory of someone or some occasion?
Simply send the gift to the College Foundation along with a note telling us of the person and/or occasion – e.g., anniversary, graduation, retirement, or memorial – that you care to remember and honor. We will work with you to assure the appropriate sentiment and the timely and proper acknowledgment of the gift.  Many donors choose to make a gift in lieu of birthday or family anniversary remembrances.
What naming recognitions are available through the College Foundation?
Naming options give donors the opportunity to recognize individuals, their family, or company through a gift to the College Foundation. A Named Endowment Scholarship or Special Purpose Fund can be established for a $10,000 donation with a minimum initial gift of $2,500. Memorial or tribute gifts are welcomed for a project or program of enduring worth or for specific capital ventures such as the Arboretum, Performing Arts, or Howell Woods or sponsorship of Intercollegiate Athletics. Endowment funds can become family traditions, with succeeding generations adding to the principal established by the founding donors.
What about a major gift for a building and for naming opportunities?
The College's Board of Trustees has established Board Policy on Naming Opportunities and Recognition, thus setting forth guidelines for the naming of an identified building, room, physical space or campus location after the donor or according to the desires of the donor. There are guidelines for the levels of support and recommendations for such naming opportunities emanate from the College Foundation.

More Information

Where can I obtain more information?
Please contact the College Foundation at any of the telephone numbers provided or via e-mail at  We would be pleased to respond to additional questions or send you further information or welcome you for a visit and tour of the campus or any of our centers.
What about retention of personal information and security?
The College Foundation maintains name changes, addresses, business information, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses of donors, volunteers, and other friends of the College as provided. The highest standards of confidentiality and security are followed in entering, protecting, and updating this information. To update your address, please send your name and old address to or call the office.
What about acknowledgement and recognition of donations?
Gifts made to the College Foundation, or directly to the College or a specific department or program, are receipted by the College Foundation office and appropriate acknowledgement and recognition communications are presented to the donors. College departments/divisions are properly informed when a donation is restricted to their area or function or a Special Purpose Fund in initiated. Donors are recognized in donor reports, newsletters, and other relevant publications, while respecting the confidentiality and anonymity of donors, as may be requested.
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