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Financial Aid

Financial Aid Information for Fall 2014

Please note:
While JCC no longer offers federal direct loans, the College continues to offer financial aid though federal Pell grants, state grants and institutional aid programs including our emergency loan program for books. In addition, the College now offers a tuition payment plan and will certify alternative educational loans. Please contact the Financial Aid Office with questions at (919) 209-2036.

Students will not be purged as long as they have financial aid posted to their account on WebAdvisor by the last day to pay. (Sponsored students must have all authorizations turned in to the Business Office at least one business day prior to the last day to pay.) **Financial Aid Awards can be seen in WebAdvisor under Financial aid status by year or by term, and under the "Financial Aid Award Letter" Link. Please check your student email account, and your "My Documents" on Web Advisor for requested information concerning your financial aid status, if still pending.**

Students that do not have financial aid posted to their account must either pay out of pocket or they may set up a Tuition Payment Plan beginning fall 2014 at

Last day to pay in-person for Early Fall Registration is July 31st. Last day to pay for Early Fall Registration using Web Advisor is Aug 1st. Please check website for future updates on when payments will be accepted.

We will begin doing Book Emergency Loans beginning July 28th. Students needing a Book Emergency Loan must have already registered before they come to Financial Aid. The Datatel system will not allow us to process a book emergency loan until the student has registered and the student’s tuition payment has been covered. Students with Book Emergency Loans can begin charging books on the same dates as all other Financial Aid students. See Below.

All Financial Aid Students and/or Sponsored Students (including those that completed Early Registration) may charge books against their Financial Aid in the Bookstore on the following dates:

August 5 - Aug 26

During Normal Bookstore Hours
Student ID is required.
Class Schedules can be printed from Web Advisor.

Fall 2014 Financial Aid payments will be based on enrollment at the 10% point of the semester (August 26th). Refunds will be available beginning on September 25th. Financial Aid payments for any course that does not start at the beginning of the semester will not be paid out until after the course has started and attendance has been verified. There will be no in-person pick up for refunds.

You should be receiving your Jaguar Plus Card in the mail if you have not already received one. Disbursement of Funds will depend on the preference you select. Please go to once you receive your card in the mail to select your refund preference, if you have not already done so. You may contact the Business Office if you have questions regarding your Jaguar Plus Card options.

True for all Financial Aid Students and/or Sponsored Students regardless of when you register for classes. Students who have received a JCC Award Letter regarding Financial Aid do not need to report to the Business Office unless they are also sponsored students ( WIA, VA, VR, VOC REH, etc.) that have not already submitted a written authorization to the Business Office. Students with authorization forms from sponsors (WIA, VA, VOC REH, ESC, etc.) are required to turn forms in to the Business Office at least one business day prior to charging items in the bookstore. They need a student ID and a copy of their schedule to go to the bookstore. August 26th will be the last day to charge books.

Out of stock books must be pre-charged against your Financial Aid on the last two days to charge August 25th and 26th. A charge slip must be completed. There will be NO book charges after August 26th (no exceptions).

****Please remember that Financial Aid students and Veterans should only be taking classes that are in their current program of study.******

*** SAP Appeals for Fall 2014 are due by August 13th at noon. ***

JCC Financial Aid program

Johnston Community College offers a comprehensive program of student financial aid to assist students in meeting educational expenses. Reasonable educational expenses constitute the student's educational budget.
Reasonable student educational budget expenses include:

  • tuition and fees
  • room and board
  • books
  • supplies
  • transportation
as well as miscellaneous personal expenses, and expenses related to maintenance of a student's dependents.

The student financial aid program at Johnston Community College is administered according to the nationally accepted principle that the family (meaning parents or those acting in place of parents, the student, and/or spouse) is responsible for a student's educational expenses.
Financial aid is available to fill the "gap" between the total cost of education and the amount the family can reasonably be expected to contribute.

Eligibility for financial aid is established by need analysis based on a comparison of the student's educational budget (as defined above) with the family contribution.

Several types of financial aid are available.
A Grant is aid which does not have a repayment obligation, unless the student withdraws early in the semester for which the grant is approved.

The Work-Study Program provides an on-campus job for which the student is paid at least the prevailing minimum wage. Hours worked per week range from a minimum of five (5) hours to a maximum of approximately twenty (20) hours.

Loans must be repaid to the lender by the student beginning six (6) months after borrower ceases to be a student. At this time the borrower must begin making monthly payments.

What is Need Analysis?

Need analysis is a consistent, systemic way of measuring the ability of the family to finance the total cost of education and thereby determine eligibility for financial aid. All applicants are treated fairly and equitably under the need analysis system.

In determining how much you and your family can contribute, a number of a factors are considered. The information you provide for need analysis is treated confidentially and will include family resources. Family resources are the income and assets of the parents as well as the student's assets and income. If you are an independent married student, this will include the income of your spouse. All taxable and non-taxable income (Social Security, Child Support, Welfare, etc.) is included. Family resources include the value of assets to the parents. This includes value of a farm or business, home equity, savings, stocks, bonds, and other real estate.

Allowances are made for taxes and Social Security deductions, medical or dental expenses not covered by insurance, a housekeeping allowance if both parents are working, debts and other obligations.

The student contribution is determined from the student's savings from a summer job, any special income (Veterans Educational Benefits, Social Security, etc.) and a percentage of the student's savings.

Other factors considered include the family size, any unusual expenses, and the number of family members in college.

From these factors, a need analysis determines how much you and your family can contribute and how much money you will need to finance your education.

Johnston Community College accepts need analysis based on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
The school code for Johnston Community College is 009336.

The amount of a student's financial aid award is based on two things: (1) The expected contribution from the student's and/or the student's parents' resources, (2) The student's particular college budget. The difference between resources and budget is the amount of aid the Student Financial Aid Office attempts to offer the student.

General Eligibility

  • Be a United States citizen or permanent resident of the United States.
  • Be enrolled in an eligible undergraduate course of study.
  • Be in good academic standing. Student must complete necessary forms and demonstrate financial need according to program criteria.
  • Not owe a refund to the Pell Grant or the SEOG Grant Program, or be in default on a student loan.
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